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CNIL Guidelines on Service Quality Monitoring and BYOD

Lorenz provides an outline of rules the French data Protection Authority, the CNIL, released in March reinforcing employees’ rights to privacy in relation to the recording of telephone conversations with customers and the use of personal device for work purposes, or BYOD. Read Now (PDF 156K)... Read More

The Fraudscape Outlook

This whitepaper from Teleperformance offers information on the current global fraud environment and provides executives with a better understanding of security-related strategies as well as what to look for in their supplier partnerships. Read Now (PDF 1.61M)... Read More

2015 ITRC Breach Database

The Identity Theft Research Center (IRTC) tracks breaches in the U.S. and compiles an updated version of its breach database each Tuesday. Unless otherwise noted, the report includes only breaches that occurred or became public in 2015.View Database (PDF 873K)... Read More

Colombian Accountability Guidelines

These guidelines from the Superintendente Delegado para la Protección de Datos Personales are the first of their kind in Latin America, and build on the efforts made by Canada and Hong Kong and are a development of the Accountability Principle included in the Colombian Data Protection Regulation (Decree 1377/2013).Read Now (PDF 4M) (in Spanish)... Read More

USA FREEDOM Act Amendments to FISA

To better understand how the USA FREEDOM Act amends the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 (FISA), the Westin Center created a redlined version of the FISA reflecting the FREEDOM Act’s changes. Please note that the chart below does not include the entire FREEDOM Act – which is more than 100 pages long – or FISA, but rather the specific sections and provisions that are central for privacy professionals.View Chart (PDF 306K)... Read More