Crafting a Privacy Notice


Increasingly, privacy is becoming a differentiator for consumers, and company privacy notices are a way to show potential customers how you handle consumer data. Above and beyond competitive advantage, privacy notices offer consumers and regulators an example of your corporate citizenship–never mind that there are laws in many regions that require notices and they can offer an organization legal protection from claims that a business did not provide notice of its consumer data usage. Writing a privacy notice can be daunting, but this topic page can take some of the guess work out of it.

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Rethinking notice
and consent

IAPP Editorial Director Jedidiah Bracy chats with Jen King, the Privacy and Data Policy Fellow at Stanford’s Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence, about what’s needed for an effective paradigm shift in this space.
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Why Batman shouldn’t write your privacy notice

Ryan Chiavetta writes about how once you understand the weight data plays in our society, you really begin to notice how much it permeates the culture in which we consume and take part.
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Helping organizations design better privacy notices

Greater Than X Co-Founder and CEO Nathan Kinch believes privacy notices and other legal agreement documents are missing something important: a touch of humanity. Kinch spoke with Ryan Chiavetta about the program and why it would be appealing to chief privacy officers.
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Latest News and Resources

The IAPP updates its privacy notice

According to research we conducted in late 2019, 80% of respondents have updated their organization’s privacy notice one or more times in the last 12 months. Well, it’s time for the IAPP to do it, too. We first conducted a major overhaul of our website’s privacy notice in anticipation of the May 25, 2018, effective date of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Our goal was (and still is) to offer information to our members about what personal data we collect from them, under what circumst... Read More

TheScore’s privacy notice analyzed against the CCPA

Transparency is a fundamental aspect of the California Consumer Privacy Act. The act creates consumer rights to access data and obligations for businesses to disclose data practices. One of the law’s effects will be increased scrutiny of privacy notices, specifically their details about a business’s data collection and sales practices. This article applies the CCPA to the current privacy notice of theScore — a sports news application — one of the 17 apps The New York Times recently identified f... Read More

UX solution allows companies to create streamlined privacy notices

While conducting demos of their ConsentCheq solution, PrivacyCheq Co-Founders Roy Smith and Dale Smith, CIPT, were constantly running into a problem. Clients would tell them they liked ConsentCheq’s ability to develop privacy notices, but the solution would conflict with other systems already in place. At first, the co-founders thought they could sell companies on their solution by just featuring its privacy notice function, but they soon realized it was not a feasible outcome. This dilemma led... Read More


Privacy Notice

A statement made to a data subject that describes how an organization collects, uses, retains and discloses personal information. A privacy notice may be referred to as a privacy statement, a fair processing statement or, sometimes, a privacy policy. Numerous global privacy and data protection laws require privacy notices.... Read More

Layered Notice

A privacy notice designed to respond to problems with a excessively long notices. A short notice — the top layer — provides a user with the key elements of the privacy notice. The full notice — the bottom layer — covers all the intricacies in full. In its guidance on complying with the General Data Protection Regulation, the Article 29 Working Party, which has now been replaced by the European Data Protection Board, recommended a layered notice in order to meet requirements of the GDPR that priv... Read More

Tools and Templates

Consumer Privacy Notice Template

Published: June 2018Click To View (PDF) This template website privacy notice, produced and maintained by Docular Limited, is designed to be customizable and can help controllers to comply with the transparency requirements of the GDPR – in both its EU and post-Brexit UK forms - in relation to personal data collected through websites. It may be used with respect to both website visitors and individuals using website-based services. The notice is organized around general categories of personal... Read More