The IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress 2024 call for proposals is open

As expectations for data protection increase with new legislation in multiple jurisdictions, we invite you to share your insights with fellow data protection professionals as a speaker at the IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress 2024. We are looking for speakers who have experience practicing data protection in Europe and have an in-depth understanding of:

  • Adtech regulation and enforcement.
  • The intersection of AI technology and tools with privacy.
  • Children’s privacy policies and protections.
  • Implementing data governance strategies.
  • Cybersecurity readiness.
  • Governing digital sovereignty.
  • Handling data subject requests.
  • Enforcement trends and insights.
  • Emerging international regulatory frameworks.
  • Cross-border data transfers.
  • Growing and globalizing your data protection program.
  • Best use cases for PETs.
  • The role of a DPO.
  • Privacy by design and privacy engineering.

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Congress speakers gain exposure in front of an audience of more than 2,000 top-tier data protection and security professionals who are focused on regional and global data protection regulations. This is a great opportunity to contribute to our international community.

The call for proposals closes 17 March.

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2023 conference recap

Data protection professionals gathered in Brussels to share insight and working knowledge on the latest developments in data protection legislation and operations.

The breakout of new technologies in the realm of artificial intelligence presented the need for professional guidance and allowed for important dialogue surrounding the governance of these technologies.

Delegates participated in sessions which provided them with additional context to understand of how their roles and responsibilities could adapt and change in real time with emerging technologies. If you were unable to attend, click the button below to view presentations that were provided by this year's speakers.

Access presentations from Congress 2023

The GDPR's five-year anniversary provided an abundance of discussion, especially regarding the current responsibilities and expectations of a data protection officer.

Discussions also took place on how to respond to enforcement actions considering increasingly complex global policies.

New strategies in adtech presented the opportunity to consider building governance strategies and protections for at-risk groups, while workshops on consent provided a broader adtech privacy snapshot.

Keynote speakers, panels and breakout sessions led conversations on strategic developments in regional and international data protection, but also the impact that new technologies can have on human creativity, perceptions and human rights. Regarding the expansion of AI technology in various industries, a common thread among this year's keynotes was that there is a need for human governance and awareness when it comes to allocating resources, legislation and implementing operational strategies.

We were proud to announce the IAPP Vanguard Award winner for the EMEA region at Congress: Ernst-Oliver Wilhelm, CPO, GFT Technologies SE. The Vanguard Awards honor privacy professionals from five geographical regions whose pioneering work is helping to shape the future of privacy and data protection.

See the social media highlights below and snapshots taken at the Congress in our gallery — then mark your agenda to join us next year in Brussels.

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2023 keynote speakers

Juliana Castro Varon

Designer & Creative Director, Founder of Cita Press, Fellow at Harvard University

Juliana Castro Varon uses her extensive experience working with design and image-making technologies to inform her research on the impact artificial intelligence has on disinformation, creativity and visual culture.

Rachele Didero

Founder, Cap_able

Rachele Didero designs innovative privacy-protecting garments that protect the wearer’s facial biometric data. Her fashion brand Cap_able creates awareness about the improper use of face recognition technology.

Kevin Guyan

Author, “Queer Data”; Research Fellow, University of Glasgow

Kevin Guyan’s book “Queer Data” is the first to examine data decisions related to gender, sex, sexual orientation and trans identity and history. In the book, Guyan argues that greater knowledge about LGBTQ+ lives is instrumental to informing decisions about resource allocation, changes to legislation, access to services, representation and visibility, and then provides the tools for doing this work. Guyan is a member of the Royal Society of Edinburgh’s Young Academy of Scotland and sits on the board of the LGBTQ+ human rights charity Equality Network.

Didier Reynders

European Commissioner for Competition and Justice, European Commission

The EU’s commissioner for competition and justice sets the strategic direction for a “Europe Fit for the Digital Age,” and coordinates the Commission’s work on a European strategy on data and artificial intelligence, including its human and ethical implications.

Léa Steinacker

Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, ada

Through her work as a social scientist, journalist and entrepreneur, Léa Steinacker focuses on the social and economic impacts of emerging technologies, particularly artificial intelligence systems.

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