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IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress 2022

Training 14-15 November
Workshops 15 November
Conference 16-17 November

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We confronted the challenges and united for solutions at Congress 2021.

More than 1,300 delegates left the Square - Brussels Convention Centre more inspired, informed and connected. Those in attendance benefitted from the return of in-person breakout sessions, in-depth workshops, trainings and networking opportunities led by IAPP staff, experts and panellists.

Our four keynote speakers addressed the importance of data, a familiar theme, yet uniquely positioned through each of their diverse research and work experience. Wilson Center Global Fellow, Nina Jankowicz spoke to the influence of data on the masses—a speech worthy of the Broadway show tunes she referenced in an example of a country censoring the right to free expression. Dagmar Hovestädt conveyed the importance of storing data properly and keeping it in the right hands as Head of Communication and Research at the Stasi Records Archive. Award-winning documentary filmmaker and historian, David Olusoga connected the importance of utilising past data to predict the future, employing the global pandemic as an example of data use that affects us all. While Data Protection Commissioner Helen Dixon’s final address touched on the GDPR’s misunderstanding of data protection and prioritised what is needed next to progress action in European policy. When sessions broke into multiple rooms, topics like “Schrems II,” privacy in technology, adtech, transborder data flow and regulation enforcement were discussed and debated by leading experts.

Read on to see feedback from attendees, images from the conference and descriptions of the programme. Mark your calendar for Congress 2022, 14-17 Nov.

Thank you for joining us in 2021!
We enjoyed coming together to learn new things and make critical connections. We look forward to reconnecting in 2022!


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2021 Keynote speakers

Helen Dixon

Commissioner, Data Protection Commission

Helen Dixon took us on a whistle-stop tour through several key developments in EU data protection regulation over the last three years and drew conclusions on where progress has been made and indicated areas for growth.

Dagmar Hovestädt

Head of Communication and Research, Federal Archives - Stasi Records Archive

Dagmar Hovestädt is a steward of the Stasi Records Archive, which chronicles human rights violations that occurred in the former East German Democratic Republic, perpetrated by secret police and elected officials. The Archive, conquered during the Peaceful Revolution of 1989, catalogues the power of surveillance, while acting as a tool for justice and remembrance. It also presents fascinating parallels to data collection and its handling and relationship to human rights today.

Nina Jankowicz

Global Fellow, Wilson Center

An expert on online influence campaigns and the Eurasia region, Nina Jankowicz has analysed the technology and motivation behind recent cyber attacks. Her perspective is critical to understanding the disinformation machine’s influence on democracy and global trust at large.

David Olusoga

Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker, Historian, Author, Broadcaster

By examining 19th century epidemiological history, David Olusoga explored the fascinating origins of when data was first used to extend life. How do those early discoveries underpin modern-day strategies for collecting, managing and protecting public health data globally?

Sessions had engaging dialogue and operational guidance

Topics included:

  • Policy & governance.
  • Trans-border data flow.
  • Privacy operations management.
  • Data protection post-pandemic.
  • Health care privacy.
  • Regulatory developments.
  • Data ethics.
  • Artificial intelligence.
  • Consumer privacy & marketing.

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