The IAPP is actively monitoring the COVID-19 and related travel and health advisories. At this time, Congress 2020 is proceeding as planned.

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Early Bird Registration Opens in June

Mark your calendar and check back here when early bird registration opens for the IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress 2020 in Brussels. Or take a moment to subscribe to the Buzz Weekly and get updates delivered directly to your inbox. Congress is Europe’s most prestigious and repeatedly sold-out data protection conference, drawing thousands of delegates across the globe. See the recap (below) of last year’s event for a sample of our highly esteemed speakers and programming.

Last Year’s Recap

2019 Congress in Brussels explored interplay of regulatory environment and advancing data economy


2019 Keynote Speakers

Alessandro Acquisti

Professor of Information Technology and Public Policy, Heinz College, Carnegie Mellon University

Acquisti’s research applies behavioural economics to the understanding of consumer privacy valuations to investigate the role of privacy in a digital society.

Rumman Chowdhury

Global Lead, Responsible AI, Accenture Applied Intelligence

A data scientist, Rumman Chowdhury works at the intersection of artificial intelligence and humanity, identifying and mitigating bias in AI systems.

Margrethe Vestager

European Commissioner for Competition

Commissioner Vestager has been described as the world’s most powerful regulator of tech companies, working to ensure consumers are properly served while the world’s economy becomes increasingly digital.

Keynote Panel

Moderator: Gabriela Zanfir-Fortuna

Senior Counsel, Future of Privacy Forum

Marie-Laure Denis

President, Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés

Helen Dixon

Commissioner, Data Protection Commission

Ulrich Kelber

German Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information

Keynote Panel: Leaders from the world’s most influential regulatory agencies discussed global data protection enforcement and regulatory collaboration.

The Inaugural Giovanni Buttarelli Memorial Lecture

The IAPP was honoured to introduce the Giovanni Buttarelli Memorial Lecture, which is to take place annually at the Congress. Mr. Buttarelli’s legacy advancing the growth and visibility of our profession will live on in forward-thinking discourse from keynotes such as the 2019 lecturer, Margrethe Vestager, European Commissioner for Competition.

The IAPP’s Angelique Carson writes in The Privacy Advisor, “Vestager left privacy professionals with the message that if we work together in this time of fast and radical change, ‘we can achieve what he wanted to achieve, what he cherished. A digital future that works for humans.’” Read the full article.

Most Popular 2019 Sessions

Cookie Guidance: Food for Thought – Explored the main changes brought by new guidance on cookie technology and similar tech, helping organisations with digital and connected properties (websites, mobile applications, IOT) understand where compliance is expected and how new requirements will be enforced.

EU Privacy Law, But Not as You Know It – Took delegates through the most significant and controversial issues of the moment, from regulatory thinking to Privacy Shield and cookie consent, and delivered practical insight to manage the challenges ahead.

Data Protection by Design: Implementing GDPR for Data Analytics – This interactive panel session explored how to leverage data protection by design for data analytics and how to exploit anonymisation techniques and methods for model auditing, as well as how to scale DPbD when a whole range of analytics projects are at stake.

Joint Controllership: That’s a Challenge! – We are experiencing not a revolution but an evolution of the interpretation of the terms of ‘data controller’ and ‘processor’ and ‘joint controller’ presented in the Opinion of the Article 29 Working Group 1/2010. Delegates discussed how the application of the new concept of joint controllership may work out in practice.

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IAPP COVID-19 Precautions

The IAPP is actively monitoring the developments surrounding COVID-19 as the safety for attendees and staff are our highest priority. At this time, the IAPP Data Protection Congress is proceeding as planned. If anything changes warranting a reevaluation, we assure you we will immediately assess, address and respond to the new situation. We encourage attendees to monitor the World Health Organization website and CDC website for information and review WHO’s Travel Advice before traveling. We also recommend reviewing WHO’s advice for the public.

The IAPP will work with the conference venue to take extra safety precautions as needed. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your upcoming trip, please reach out to

Sponsors and exhibitors: please reach out to with questions or concerns.

Other Conferences

The IAPP Data Protection Intensive: Nederland 2020 Has Been Cancelled

In consideration of growing concerns about COVID-19, the IAPP has decided to cancel the DPI: Nederland 2020. Thank you for your patience as we explore options. FAQs are available here.

9-10 June
The Hague

The IAPP’s Data Protection Intensive: Nederland 2020 is the newest addition to our conference lineup. Join data protection professionals and expert faculty from across the Netherlands, Europe and beyond for two days of concentrated learning, sharing and networking in both English and Dutch.

The IAPP Asia Privacy Forum 2020 Has Been Cancelled

Due to COVID-19, the IAPP has decided to cancel the Forum 2020.

The Forum is the only conference that brings globally recognized IAPP programming to Asia. Top regulators and data protection professionals deliver world-class discussion and education on data protection trends and challenges in the Asia Pacific region and around the globe.

9-10 September

Join data protection professionals from across Europe for two days of concentrated learning, sharing, and networking at the IAPP Data Protection Intensive: Deutschland 2020 in Munich.