Artificial Intelligence Governance Professional

With the expansion of AI technology, there is a need for professionals in all industries to understand and execute responsible AI governance. The AIGP credential demonstrates that an individual can ensure safety and trust in the development and deployment of ethical AI and ongoing management of AI systems.

Why pursue an AIGP designation?

  • Establish foundational knowledge of AI systems and their use cases, the impacts of AI, and comprehension of responsible AI principles.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how current and emerging laws apply to AI systems, and how major frameworks are capable of being responsibly governed.
  • Show comprehension of the AI life cycle, the context in which AI risks are managed, and the implementation of responsible AI governance.
  • Presents awareness of unforeseen concerns with AI and knowledge of debated issues surrounding AI governance.

Prepare for the exam with these free resources

AIGP Body of Knowledge
and Exam Blueprint

The AIGP Body of Knowledge outlines all the concepts and topics that you need to know to become certified.

AIGP Handbook

We strongly encourage all potential test takers to read the certification candidate handbook before testing for details on our testing policies and procedures.

How to prepare for your exam

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