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Here, you can find the IAPP’s collection of coverage, analysis and resources related to privacy technology and privacy by design. The IAPP Resource Center includes separate topic pages for Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing, as well as a “Privacy Engineering Section,” which offers a range of programs, events, content and networking opportunities through which privacy pros working in IT and related fields can connect and advance.

Additional News and Resources

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PrivTech Talks: Emerging privacy-enhancing technologies

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PrivTech Talks: Privacy tech in health care and medical research

Standardization landscape for privacy: Part 3 — W3C and IEEE

Standardization landscape for privacy – Article Series

Federated learning: Supporting data minimization in AI

EU policymakers have adtech in sight for future regulation

‘Neurorights’ and the next flashpoint of medical privacy

NIST’s Reva Schwartz on the new AI Risk Management Framework

Five ways to build a bulletproof PBD program with your security partners

US NIST publishes AI Risk Management Framework 1.0

U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) – Resources

Data clean rooms: An adtech privacy solution?

EDPB’s Meta decisions explained: Resolving the adtech dispute

Shining a Light on Dark Patterns – Good Marketing vs Consumer Manipulation

Unpacking DPC Ireland’s Meta decisions: AdTech and beyond

Security & Privacy by Design Principles (S|P)

Model Written Information Security Program

Irish DPC fines Meta 390M euros over legal basis for personalized ads

Self-sovereign identity: a primer for privacy pros

Are cookies a new currency for the online world?

Synthetic data a key to privacy by design practices in new Canadian smart city partnership

Data transfers: Could a technical solution be the future?

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Non-Fungible Tokens – Privacy and Cybersecurity Risks

Self-sovereign identity as future privacy by design solution in digital identity?

Where is my personal data bill of materials?

Reed Smith – Guide to the Metaverse, Second Edition

Guide on Personal Data Protection Considerations for Blockchain Design

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Privacy Technology Evolution: From Point Solutions to Data Governance

Privacy Engineer Your Operations for Excellence

Standardization landscape for privacy: Part 1 — The NIST Privacy Framework

Standardization landscape for privacy: Part 2 — ISO/IEC

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Successful adoption of mobile ID hinges largely on protection of citizen privacy

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CDT — Responsible Technology Training Series for Education Practitioners

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Age verification and data protection: Far more difficult than it looks

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