Global AI Governance Law and Policy: Jurisdiction Overviews

This series is co-sponsored by OneTrust.

Last Updated: March 2024

Jurisdictions worldwide are designing and implementing artificial intelligence governance laws and policies commensurate to the velocity and variety of the risks and opportunities presented by AI-powered technologies.

Articles in this series, co-sponsored by OneTrust, dive into the laws, policies, and broader contextual history and developments relevant to AI governance in five jurisdictions: Singapore, Canada, the U.K., the U.S. and the EU. The jurisdictions selected are a small but important snapshot of distinct approaches to AI governance regulation in key global markets.

Each article provides a breakdown of the key sources and instruments that govern the strategic, technological and compliance landscape for AI governance in the jurisdiction through voluntary frameworks, sectoral initiatives or comprehensive legislative approaches.

Global AI Governance Law and Policy: Jurisdiction Overviews


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  • Part 3: EU
  • Part 4: Canada
  • Part 5: US

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