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The IAPP Resource Center provides all the privacy tools and information you need in one easy-to-find place, serving as a go-to for industry guidance, expert knowledge and analysis of all things privacy. Including a privacy glossary, directory of data protection authorities from around the world, privacy vendor list, and examples of privacy-related organizational policies, the IAPP Resource Center is there to help you get the job done. This page provides an overview of the IAPP's Resource Center offerings.

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Resource Center Digital Brochure
The IAPP created a digital brochure of this Resource Center overview page, available in PDF format.

New to the privacy profession? Check out these 101-level resources to gain a high-level awareness of the laws, job and the IAPP.

The IAPP develops and maintains a variety of tools to help members keep up with the rapid developments in privacy and their impact on business and the profession, from global privacy legislation comparisons and enforcement trackers to directories and glossaries.

The IAPP’s Research and Insights team writes and publishes original research on topics that are top of mind for those working in or closely following privacy today. Our expert guidance comes in a variety of formats, including white papers, frameworks to help guide decision-making, infographics and LinkedIn Live commentary.

White Papers
Research papers that aim to educate our members about a specific privacy issue, expand on a recent news announcement, and provide perspective on the operational impacts of privacy developments.

Reports and Surveys
Find all the IAPP research reports and surveys in one location, and get the information you need on the industry of privacy.

The IAPP regularly publishes infographics on various topics across the privacy field.

Web Conferences
Get smart on the latest and greatest in privacy—right from the comfort of your own desk. Listen in to hear the experts discuss the topics you need to know about and get your questions answered.

IAPP Videos
The IAPP Resource Center has an abundance of topical tools to help guide and inform privacy professionals on various privacy matters. Now joining the long list of resources is a library of the IAPP's LinkedIn Live videos. These previously recorded sessions feature IAPP staff and other privacy figures providing insights, reactions and opinions on a range of topics, including regulatory developments, areas of privacy operations management and more.

The IAPP regularly publishes benchmarking reports that track the progress of important topics, like data governance strategies, salary and organizational structure, as well as the privacy technology vendor landscape.

IAPP Privacy Professionals Salary Survey
In this biennial survey, privacy professionals can learn how they stack up among their peers by job title, geographic region, industry, number of rungs away from the CEO and other factors.

IAPP Annual Governance Report
The IAPP annually surveys a broad spectrum of privacy professionals across the globe, resulting in an authoritative look at how the job of privacy is done, with documentation of average budgets, staff sizes, program priorities and much more.

Privacy Tech Vendor Report
Twice a year, the IAPP updates its “Privacy Tech Vendor Report,” offering insight into the market and a directory of vendors, large and small, that offer various types of privacy technology solutions.

Privacy and Data Protection in Academia
Universities around the world are adding privacy curricula in their law, business and computer science schools. The IAPP’s Westin Research Center has catalogued these programs with the aim of promoting, catalyzing and supporting academia’s growing efforts to build an on-ramp to the privacy profession.

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