How Privacy Tech Is Bought and Deployed

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For the second year running, the IAPP together with TrustArc surveyed 345 privacy professionals around the globe to gain an understanding of how privacy technology products are purchased and deployed within an organization. Since 2017, the IAPP has mapped out the privacy tech marketplace through the IAPP Privacy Tech Vendor Report, which identifies 10 categories of products. Like the 2018 survey, results this year shine a light on which products are in use and under whose budget privacy tech purchases are made, as well as other budgetary and purchase-decision-making insights.

The increasing complexity of modern business in the digital world, coupled with a cacophony of global privacy frameworks, has increased the need for organizations to adopt solutions that demonstrate compliance and are scalable and efficient.

Similar to last year’s survey, it is clear that certain technologies belong to the information technology and information security side of the organization, while others clearly fall under the privacy department’s domain. Yet others may fall under the marketing department. As outlined in the IAPP Privacy Tech Vendor Report, however, the tools identified generally fit under two broad categories: enterprise privacy management and privacy program management solutions.

There is no shortage of data that comes out of this 2019 survey, but there are some worthy takeaways. For one, products that help enterprises discover and map data flows are poised for growth. Second, and perhaps even more noteworthy, privacy and data protection professionals increasingly have input into certain privacy technology purchases, though they often have less budgetary control.

Last year’s survey served as a baseline for market adoption. The 2019 survey builds on that baseline and helps chart where privacy tech market adoption is likely heading in the next year. On the whole, the news is good for vendors and privacy pros alike.

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