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Here, you can find the IAPP’s collection of coverage, analysis and resources related to privacy in Australia and New Zealand.

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Key Dates of Federal Privacy Reform in Australia

This infographic presents a brief overview of federal privacy reform efforts in Australia and what might be expected in 2023.
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Privacy not dead in Australia; it’s diffusing

This article covers that while much attention has been paid to the penalty increase, the largest change is to the applicability of the Privacy Act to organizations operating globally and in Australia, which means “higher penalties could apply to a whole new set of businesses overnight.”
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Why Australian organizations need to clean up their data holdings

Australian organizations are “on notice to ‘clean up’ their data holdings, reports Data Compliance Executive Advisor David Mesman, CIPP/E, CIPM, CIPT.
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Latest Australia News and Resources

Australian privacy reform moves forward with new government report

The Australian Attorney-General's Department released its highly anticipated review of the Privacy Act 1988 Thursday, a significant step in the reform of the nation's privacy law. The Privacy Act Review Report includes 116 recommendations based on 30 "key themes and proposals" from stakeholders during the course of the last two years. "The proposed reforms are aimed at strengthening the protection of personal information and the control individuals have over their information. Stronger privacy ... Read More

Do privacy principles have to trump convenience?

Brilliantly funny Aussie comedian Wil Anderson, of Gruen Transfer fame, wrote in his gut-splitting book "I Am Not Fine, Thanks" an incredibly insightful comment about the trade-offs between privacy, smart devices and other technological marvels. In his book Anderson writes about his initial resistance to technology companies wangling their way inside our homes with connected tech. "I was already not the smartest thing in my house, and I don't need to keep demoting myself down the ladder," he sai... Read More

Deloitte Australian Privacy Index — Annual Report
(Deloitte, April 2022)
Australia passes Privacy Legislation Amendment Bill 2022
(IAPP, November 2022)
Report: Australian data breaches up 6% in second half of 2021
(IAPP, February 2022)
OAIC Notifiable Data Breach Statistics
(OAIC, February 2022)
A look at proposals to amend Australia’s privacy law
(IAPP, December 2021)
Australia, US reach crime data sharing agreement
(IAPP, December 2021)
Government sets direction for privacy law reform in Australia
(IAPP, November 2021)
LinkedIn Live: “IAPP ANZ Summit Online 2021: A Fireside Chat with Commissioner Falk”
(IAPP, November 2021)
Australia accredits first non-government digital identity exchange operator
(IAPP, September 2021)
Potential vaccine certification plan spells privacy concerns
(IAPP, September 2021)
Queensland police implement facial recognition devices to curb driving infractions
(IAPP, September 2021)
Australian government accredits first digital ID provider
(IAPP, August 2021)
Australian Department of Health notes deidentification, genomic information challenges within Privacy Act
(IAPP, June 2021)
Australian court finds Google’s location data collection unlawful
(IAPP, April 2021)
Australian firm helped FBI open San Bernardino iPhone
(IAPP, April 2021)
Australian community attitudes toward privacy survey 2020
(IAPP, December 2020)
Contracting out privacy officers in new NZ privacy law
(IAPP, September 2020)
Schrems II’ – A view from Down Under
(McCullough Robertson Lawyers, July 2020)
Australian Community Attitudes to Privacy Survey
(OAIC, March 2020)
iappANZ Privacy Unbound Archives
(IAPP, December 2018)
2020 Australian legislative predictions and updates
(IAPP, February 2020)
Australia’s anti-encryption collision with GDPR sub-processing
(IAPP, January 2019)
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Latest New Zealand News and Resources

IAPP ANZ Summit Online 2021: A Fireside Chat with Commissioner Edwards

Original Broadcast Date: November 2021 This session was part of the IAPP ANZ Summit Online 2021. As his tenure comes to its end, New Zealand Privacy Commissioner John Edwards sat down with IAPP New Zealand Country Leader Daimhin Warner, CIPP/E, and reflected on his time in office, his mission to make privacy easy, and his office’s innovative work to realize this vision. He also looked to the future, giving his perspectives on privacy in a world where personal information drives many of the pla... Read More

Reported privacy breaches increased four times following NZ Privacy Act 2020

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of New Zealand published its “December 2021 Insights Report – Privacy Breach Reporting,” one year after implementation of the Privacy Act 2020. According to the report, reported privacy breaches increased nearly four times from Dec. 1, 2020 to Oct. 31, 2021, following mandatory reporting requirements. The OPC said one third of reported breaches met the threshold for serious harm, 35% involving emotional harm, 14% reputational harm, and 11% financial harm. T... Read More

New Zealand DSAR Tool

This tool from the New Zealand Privacy Commissioner allows users to fill out a form which submits a request for their personal data from any organization, business or government agency in New Zealand. Read More