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Here, you can find the IAPP’s collection of coverage, analysis and resources related to privacy in Australia and New Zealand.

Additional News and Resources

OAIC – Annual Reports

OAIC releases report on data breaches

New Zealand offers privacy impact assessment toolkit

Australian intelligence report identifies China as largest state-backer of cyberattacks

New Zealand Privacy Commissioner: Annual Report

Microsoft invests $5B in Australian digital initiatives

Australia’s government responds to the Privacy Act Review Report

NZ privacy commissioner releases guidance on interplay between Privacy Act, AI

Privacy insights from the Australian Royal Commission’s Robodebt investigation

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93% of Australian organizations pursuing generative AI bans

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Media organizations oppose Australia privacy law reform

Australian privacy reform moves forward with new government report

Do privacy principles have to trump convenience?

On notice: Why Australian organizations need to clean up their data holdings

Australia passes Privacy Legislation Amendment Bill 2022

Salinger – Australia privacy reform tracker

Linklaters Guide – Data Protected Australia

Deloitte Australian Privacy Index — Annual Report

New Zealand DSAR Tool

Linklaters Guide – Data Protected New Zealand

OAIC Notifiable Data Breach Statistics

A look at proposals to amend Australia’s privacy law

Australia, US reach crime data sharing agreement

Reported privacy breaches increased four times following NZ Privacy Act 2020

IAPP ANZ Summit Online 2021: A Fireside Chat with Commissioner Falk

Australia accredits first non-government digital identity exchange operator

AWS to launch data center region in New Zealand

Queensland police implement facial recognition devices to curb driving infractions

Australian government accredits first digital ID provider

New Zealand gives citizens new data subject right

Australian firm helped FBI open San Bernardino iPhone

NZ Privacy Act 2020 enters into force

Australia’s anti-encryption collision with GDPR sub-processing

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