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Here, you can find the IAPP’s collection of coverage, analysis and resources related to privacy in Australia and New Zealand.

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Privacy law reform in Australia

The Australian government released a discussion paper filled with proposals to amend the national privacy law. This article analyzes the paper and looks at what the future implications may be on Australia’s privacy law.
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Community attitudes toward privacy survey

This article highlights the Australia-wide survey’s major themes and how organizations can handle a shifting privacy landscape.
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Contracting privacy officers in NZ

This article explores the origins of the change in New Zealand privacy law and the issues and opportunities it raises for agencies and privacy professionals.
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Latest Australia News and Resources

Report: Australian data breaches up 6% in second half of 2021

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner announced there were 464 data breaches in the second half of 2021, up 6% from the previous reporting period, according to the latest Notifiable Data Breach report published Feb. 22. Information Commissioner and Privacy Commissioner Angelene Falk urged organizations to put accountability at the center of their information handling practices. Falk said accomplishing this would give individuals more confidence their personal data will be handled... Read More

Australia, US reach crime data sharing agreement

The U.S. Department of Justice announced the U.S. and Australia entered into a crime data sharing agreement under the Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act. The DOJ said the agreement will allow law enforcement from both countries to trade electronic data in efforts to "prevent, detect, investigate and prosecute" a range of serious crimes, including ransomware attacks. The deal will be carried out with "strong protections for the rule of law, privacy and civil liberties," according to the D... Read More

A look at proposals to amend Australia’s privacy law

In a Salinger Privacy blog post, Principal Anna Johnston, CIPP/E, CIPM, FIP, looks at proposals to amend Australia’s Privacy Act. Johnston discusses proposals released by the Attorney General’s Department in October, which have “much to say about digital harms, targeted advertising, personalised content and the role of online identifiers.” Overall, Johnston said the proposals “represent some sensible ways to strengthen the law,” but she added, “there are some opportunities not yet grasped, and a... Read More

Deloitte Australian Privacy Index — Annual Report
(Deloitte, April 2022)
OAIC Notifiable Data Breach Statistics
(OAIC, February 2022)
LinkedIn Live: “IAPP ANZ Summit Online 2021: A Fireside Chat with Commissioner Falk”
(IAPP, November 2021)
Draft bill in Australia proposes higher privacy penalties, parental consent for minors
(IAPP, October 2021)
Australia accredits first non-government digital identity exchange operator
(IAPP, September 2021)
Potential vaccine certification plan spells privacy concerns
(IAPP, September 2021)
Queensland police implement facial recognition devices to curb driving infractions
(IAPP, September 2021)
South Australia expanding home quarantine app that uses facial recognition
(IAPP, September 2021)
Australian government accredits first digital ID provider
(IAPP, August 2021)
Australian government sets rules for platform encryption
(IAPP, August 2021)
Australians voice privacy concerns over Google vaccine card
(IAPP, August 2021)
Australian Department of Health notes deidentification, genomic information challenges within Privacy Act
(IAPP, June 2021)
Australian court finds Google’s location data collection unlawful
(IAPP, April 2021)
Australian firm helped FBI open San Bernardino iPhone
(IAPP, April 2021)
Analyzing OAIC’s decision on Home Affairs breach
(IAPP, February 2021)
The latest on Australia’s privacy law review
(IAPP, December 2020)
Draft legislation in Australia would enable data sharing between government agencies
(IAPP, September 2020)
Schrems II’ – A view from Down Under
(McCullough Robertson Lawyers, July 2020)
COVID-19 Australia: How to address the privacy and cyber risk facing your organisation
(Clyde & Co, March 2020)
Australian Community Attitudes to Privacy Survey
(OAIC, March 2020)
Software company says TOLA is damaging Australia’s tech reputation
(IAPP, July 2020)
Queensland license photos added to Australia’s facial-recognition hub
(IAPP, May 2020)
iappANZ Privacy Unbound Archives
(IAPP, December 2018)
OAIC advises employers to meet privacy obligations amid COVID-19 epidemic
(IAPP, March 2020)
OAIC saw 19% increase in reported data breaches in second half of 2019
(IAPP, March 2020)
A look at the potential stricter Privacy Act penalties
(IAPP, March 2020)
2020 Australian legislative predictions and updates
(IAPP, February 2020)
Australia’s anti-encryption collision with GDPR sub-processing
(IAPP, January 2019)
OAIC: Guide to health privacy
(OAIC, August 2019)
Good data practice: A guide for business to consumer internet of things services for Australia
(Internet of Things Alliance Australia, November 2017 )
Guide to Developing an Australian Privacy Principle Privacy Policy
(Australian Privacy Principle, December 2014)
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Latest New Zealand News and Resources

LinkedIn Live: "IAPP ANZ Summit Online 2021: A Fireside Chat with Commissioner Edwards"

Published: November 2021 This session was part of the IAPP ANZ Summit Online 2021. As his tenure comes to its end, New Zealand Privacy Commissioner John Edwards sat down with IAPP New Zealand Country Leader Daimhin Warner, CIPP/E, and reflected on his time in office, his mission to make privacy easy, and his office’s innovative work to realize this vision. He also looked to the future, giving his perspectives on privacy in a world where personal information drives many of the planet’s biggest ... Read More

Reported privacy breaches increased four times following NZ Privacy Act 2020

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of New Zealand published its “December 2021 Insights Report – Privacy Breach Reporting,” one year after implementation of the Privacy Act 2020. According to the report, reported privacy breaches increased nearly four times from Dec. 1, 2020 to Oct. 31, 2021, following mandatory reporting requirements. The OPC said one third of reported breaches met the threshold for serious harm, 35% involving emotional harm, 14% reputational harm, and 11% financial harm. T... Read More

AWS to launch data center region in New Zealand

Amazon Web Services will launch its first data center region in Auckland, New Zealand, by 2024, ZDNet reports. “When operational, the AWS region here will enable customers from startups to enterprises as well as government, education, and non-profit organisations to run applications and securely store data from data centres located right here on New Zealand soil. And they can do this knowing that we are committed to providing the highest standard of privacy and security protections,” New Zealand... Read More

New Zealand DSAR Tool

This tool from the New Zealand Privacy Commissioner allows users to fill out a form which submits a request for their personal data from any organization, business or government agency in New Zealand. Read More