IAPP Privacy Tech Vendor Report

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Please note: The IAPP is no longer updating this report.

The IAPP presents its sixth annual “Privacy Tech Vendor Report.” In previous editions, the report examined the growth and trends of the privacy technology marketplace year over year. This issue, the IAPP lists 364 privacy technology vendors.

In the last six years, privacy tech has become a critical industry offering solutions for an ever-evolving global regulatory system that places a greater emphasis on user privacy. A key takeaway is that while the privacy tech industry has grown exponentially, it stands on the precipice of a fundamental sea change, facing possible consolidation and specialization geared toward specific customer solutions.

This year’s “Privacy Tech Vendor Report” finds the industry at a crossroads of sorts. As privacy has shifted from an afterthought to a necessity within the last decade, the conversation today regarding its place in product development has evolved from the abstract to the technical implementation of an array of solutions.

“Organizations are being much more specific in their needs, wants and desires. Likewise, their tolerance of solutions, which do not closely align with these expectations, is diminishing,” IAPP Chief Strategy Officer Mark Thompson, CIPP/E, CIPM, CIPT, FIP, said. “For the vendors that have ‘got it right,’ there is a clear opportunity to differentiate from the pack by showing an enhanced understanding of customer needs and how their products help solve these challenges.”

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Previous IAPP Privacy Tech Vendor Reports

Listed below are previously published versions of the IAPP Privacy Tech Vendor Report, dating back to 2017.

IAPP Privacy Vendor List

Vendor List
From legal advisers to insurance companies to IT services and software, businesses must work with a large collection of vendors from a variety of disciplines to reach their privacy goals. The ever-growing “IAPP Privacy Vendor List” offers information on organizations that can help you protect data, meet regulatory requirements, respond to breaches, set policies and more. This is meant to be a comprehensive list of vendors, provided as a service for our members. Companies do not need to be IAPP members or pay a fee for this listing.