Consumer Perspectives

A global, cultural and technological shift is occurring in how individuals value their privacy and the steps they will take to protect it. Here, you can find the IAPP’s collection of coverage, analysis and resources related to consumer privacy perspectives.

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IAPP Privacy and Consumer Trust Report

The IAPP’s first-ever Privacy and Consumer Trust report shines a light on what consumers around the globe think about privacy and the companies that collect, hold and use their data.
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At-a-Glance: Privacy and Consumer Trust

This infographic presents key data points of how consumers’ privacy perceptions affect their trust in companies that collect and process their personal data.
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Privacy and Consumer Trust in Australia

This infographic provides a snapshot of the most meaningful data points around privacy perceptions and trust amongst consumers in Australia.
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Latest News and Resources

Most consumers want data privacy and will act to defend it

With new technologies, new types of data and new methods of collection defining of our current reality, privacy cannot merely be an afterthought. Language models are fueled by our personal data, artificial intelligence art generators sexualize without consent and the metaverse embodies "data collection on steroids." In addition to these technological changes creating rifts in privacy, cracks have also appeared in the legal foundations protecting long-established privacy rights. New privacy risks... Read More

Trevor Noah warns of 'unintended consequences' of tech at GPS23

Bestselling author and former host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah, said the U.S. finds itself in a "precarious position" with respect to civic engagement and its collective ability to problem solve, as he warned Big Tech’s products carry "unintended consequences" that their manufacturers have often overlooked. All technological advancements have created unintended consequences throughout history, Noah said at the Opening General Session of the IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2023 ... Read More

A view from DC: Should ChatGPT slow down?

It may not be a viral dance move yet, but the latest hot trend in tech circles is to call for a slowdown on artificial intelligence development. This week, an open letter from the "longtermist" Future of Life Institute called for a six-month pause on the development of AI systems such as large language models due to concerns around the evolution of “human-competitive intelligence” that could bring about a plethora of societal harms. Scholars agree that caution in the development of advanced alg... Read More

Consumers say trust depends on transparency

Consumers worldwide say data transparency is a top priority when it comes to trusting organizations with their personal data. They look to their national government to take a primary role in protecting data and continue to be very supportive of privacy laws in their countries. Consumers are also increasingly taking action to protect their own data by exercising their privacy rights and switching providers when necessary. They tend to support artificial intelligence and automated decision-making,... Read More