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Many of us these days have multiple internet-connected devices that we use to work, browse, shop and plan our lives. For individuals, having continuity of service between these devices is an incredible convenience, however, service providers and marketers face major privacy challenges when using technologies to identify individuals on multiple devices.

This topic page provides guidance, tools, resources and news on what cross-device tracking is, the challenges it presents, applicable laws and the available solutions.

Featured Resources


A top 10 privacy checklist for smart devices

The IAPP published this checklist to help avoid the type of privacy and security snafus that can attract FTC attention when marketing and releasing an IoT device.
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When Cross-Device Tracking Goes Beyond Creepy

This post for Privacy Perspectives looks into technology that tracks people through their devices unknowingly and how that goes beyond just being creepy.
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The Privacy Pitfalls of Cross-Device Tracking

This article by Angelique Carson covers the discussion at the IAPP’s Privacy. Security. Risk session, “I See You Here, There, Everywhere: The Implications of Cross-Device Tracking.”
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Additional News and Resources

FTC Cross-device Tracking Report

The Federal Trade Commission released a report on cross-device tracking, including descriptions of the technology used to track consumers across multiple devices, the benefits and challenges associated with tracking users, and industry efforts to remedy those issues. While the report dives into the benefits of cross-device tracking, it states consumers often do not know the practice is taking place and have limited choices in controlling any data tracking. The report highlights several industry ... Read More

Cookies Are So Yesterday; Cross-Device Tracking Is In—Some Tips

The cookie is out, and cross-device tracking is in. After all, one recent study found users can switch from laptop to smartphone to tablet an average of 21 times in a single hour. But how do you sell cross-device tracking to your users while avoiding the privacy pitfalls the cookie faced during its ascension? Michael Whitener, CIPP/US, CIPP/C, CIPP/E, CIPP/G, CIPM, CIPT, lists the things marketers can do to keep both company and consumers safe while taking advantage of the insights such tracking can provide. Read More