The P.S.R. 2024 call for proposals is open

Choose a subject that sparks your passion and share your insights with fellow privacy professionals as a speaker at IAPP Privacy. Security. Risk. 2024. We are looking for speakers with innovative ideas, new views on industry trends, and insight into the operational issues facing the privacy profession.

P.S.R. focuses on the intersection of privacy and technology, emphasizing practical solutions to challenges that privacy and data protection professionals face every day. Topic areas include, but are not limited to:

  • AI issues – ethics, governance, regulatory updates.
  • Breach response.
  • Building technology into a privacy program.
  • Critical infrastructure.
  • Cybersecurity.
  • Children’s privacy.
  • Health technology and biometrics privacy.
  • Building your privacy team and growing your privacy career.
  • Privacy engineering.
  • Privacy-enhancing technologies and generative AI.
  • Third-party vendor management and risk.
  • International, U.S. state and federal privacy updates.

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P.S.R. speakers gain exposure in front of an engaged audience of more than 1,500 top-tier privacy and security professionals who are focused on the intersection of privacy and technology. This is a great opportunity to contribute to the international data protection community.

The call for proposals closes 25 Feb., 2024.

Speaking has its benefits

Take this opportunity to give back to the community and share your expertise. Speaking at P.S.R. 2024 will help you:

  • Distinguish yourself as a thought leader in data protection.
  • Gain exposure in the world’s largest privacy association.
  • Elevate the profession by sharing your knowledge.

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2023 conference recap

P.S.R. 2023 took a deep drive into
new and familiar privacy/tech issues

Artificial intelligence was the focus of P.S.R.’s keynote speeches and 15 of the breakout sessions in the 58-session agenda. The AI speeches and sessions provided in-depth perspectives on AI while leaving plenty of room for perennial issues like breach response, risk management, privacy engineering, applying privacy-enhancing technologies and operational efficiencies.

Sessions included: “Can PETs Save Adtech?,” “The Art of Human Hacking,” “Digital Health Data Flows,” and “The Future of Biometrics: Everything Al at Once.” See session presentations for more details on these and other topics. (NOTE: If you click on a session title and do not receive a presentation, we either did not receive it or do not have permission to post it.)

Access P.S.R. 2023 Presentations

Keynote speakers Nita Farahany, Kashmir Hill, Jennifer King and Orly Lobel dove into AI’s legal, societal and ethical dimensions through the perspectives of their books and research.

Farahany, author of “The Battle for Your Brain,” described a path for navigating a world populated with technologies to discover what we are thinking and why. Hill, who wrote about capturing biometrics through surveillance technologies in “Your Face Belongs to Us,” examined the need for regulation to prevent loss of personal freedoms. Lobel, author of “The Equality Machine,” took a more optimistic view of digital technologies’ potential. King, a privacy and data policy researcher at Stanford University’s Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence, explored emerging technologies’ effects on online privacy and public policy.

In between keynotes and breakout sessions, P.S.R. offered constant opportunities to make new connections. Attendees could choose from larger networking activities, such as the Five-Minute Mixer to the welcome reception, to smaller networking breaks, topical discussions and more.

Check out the gallery section for scenes from P.S.R. 2023. Make sure to sign up for IAPP events updates for previews of P.S.R. 2024 and our other events.

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2023 keynote speakers

Nita Farahany

Author of “The Battle for Your Brain”; legal scholar and ethicist; director, The Duke Initiative For Science & Society

In her book on neurotechnology, “The Battle for Your Brain,” Nita Farahany offers a path forward to navigate the complex legal and ethical dilemmas that will fundamentally affect our freedom to understand, shape, and define ourselves.”

Kashmir Hill

Technology Reporter,
The New York Times

In her latest book “Your Face Belongs to Us,” Kashmir Hill tells the story of the rise of a technological superpower and a warning that, in the absence of vigilance and government regulation, facial recognition is one of the many new technologies that challenge what Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis once called “the right to be let alone.”

Jennifer King

Privacy and Data Policy Fellow at the Stanford University Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence

Jennifer King examines the public’s understanding and expectations of online privacy and the policy implications of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence.

Orly Lobel

University Professor & Warren Distinguished Professor of Law; Director, Center for Employment & Labor Policy (CELP), University of San Diego

In her new book “The Equality Machine,” technology policy scholar Orly Lobel presents digital technologies, including AI, as powerful tools that can improve our imperfect status quo, and proposes better regulatory frameworks as critical to fueling, not stunting, innovation.


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