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Below, you can find the IAPP’s collection of coverage, analysis and resources related to the privacy industry in the Middle East region.

Additional News and Resources

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Saudi Arabia enacts Personal Data Protection Law

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Privacy Violated: Protection of Customers’ Personal Information by Internet Service Providers in Palestine

Social media platforms secure Afghans’ privacy

Taliban reportedly seize US military biometrics devices

DOD Inspector General publishes advisory on removing data from Afghanistan

Abu Dhabi Global Market releases Data Protection Regulations 2021 guidelines

Comparing the role of the DPO under the GDPR and Turkish law

China, League of Arab States sign data security agreement

Regulatory activism — The unique Israeli journey

Big data and the pursuit of herd immunity: Israel’s COVID-19 data-sharing agreement

Pakistan considers federal privacy law following WhatsApp changes

Installation of surveillance cameras in Kabul raises privacy concerns

Op-ed: Businesses should take ‘holistic’ approach to Egypt’s PDPL

Turkey’s new data storage and transfer requirements for banks

How one tech vendor adapted its services in response to ‘Schrems II’

New Data Protection Law in the DIFC: Who does it apply to, and how does it compare with the GDPR?

Data breach cost in Middle East higher than global average

Big tech companies push back on Pakistan’s censorship rules

Bahrain’s Personal Data Protection Law goes into effect

Egypt passes first data protection law

DHS warns against potential Iranian malware attacks