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Below, you can find the IAPP’s collection of coverage, analysis and resources related to the privacy industry in the Middle East region.

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Amendments in Turkish data protection law

The KVKK seeks to amend Articles 6 and 9 of the LPDP on the processing special category of personal data and cross-border data transfers. The proposal has yet to be shared with the National Assembly, but is expected to be approved and take force sometime in 2022.
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10 steps to prepare for the UAE’s Data Protection Law

Change is coming for the organizations in the United Arab Emirates after passage of the 2021 Personal Data Protection Law in November. This article provides a rundown of the top-10 considerations for organizations to comply with the new regulation.
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Middle East: Stalling on compliance is not an option

As Middle Eastern countries ramp up their regulatory oversight and rigor over data protection, companies in the region are seeking guidance on how to evaluate their risk, implement data privacy frameworks and uphold compliance. Given a multitude of complexities, it is very difficult for organizations to stay abreast of all the requirements.
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Implementation of Saudia Arabia’s PDPL delayed to 2023

The Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority postponed implementation of the Personal Data Protection Law until March 17, 2023, the Saudi Gazette reports. In a press release shared on Twitter, the SDAIA said the postponement follows stakeholder views and responses to a public consultation and was made “in order to achieve the ultimate goal of such a law.” The SDAIA encouraged stakeholders to participate in a second public consultation process to “enhance” the law, which had been set to t... Read More

How to prepare for Saudi Arabia’s Personal Data Protection Law

In September 2021, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia issued its Personal Data Protection Law to regulate the processing of personal data. The PDPL is the first federal, sector-agnostic data privacy legislation in Saudi Arabia. Organizations will be faced with significant changes to their operations to ensure compliance. The PDPL comes into effect only 180 days after the publication in the Official Gazette, meaning the law will be effective March 23, subject to the passage of the implementing regulati... Read More

DPOs in Israel — An analysis of a regulatory maze

Do Israeli privacy laws mandate the appointment of a data protection officer? The simple answer is that currently, it is not entirely clear. Israel faces significant changes to its privacy laws and the duty to appoint a DPO may either become part of the law or remain a regulatory recommendation only. On Jan. 25, the Protection of Privacy Authority released guidelines on the appointment of data protection officers, their roles and responsibilities. The guidelines set forth recommendations and re... Read More

A turning point for privacy laws in Israel

Israel is recognized around the world as an important technology hub. It is home to hundreds of large, multinational tech corporations operating substantial local research and development, sales, and management activities. It is the incubator for thousands of startups, dozens of which are publicly traded unicorns. And it boasts an environment where innovation is fostered, growth achieved and the commerce of modern industries flourishes on a global scale. Because data is a core asset in many tec... Read More

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