IAPP Digital Stickers


Welcome and congratulations. It is your lucky day. Because here, on this very page, you can find the IAPP's world-famous, much-coveted, privacy-related stickers — always a huge hit at our conferences and events — in a digital format.

You can download the image files of all the stickers below to use in your presentations, as your desktop wallpaper or however else you might want to represent yourself as an IAPP privacy pro in an attention-getting way. Here are our designers’ Top 20 stickers for you to enjoy.

Oops, one last thing — the obligatory legal copy. You will find it here. And by the way, these digital stickers should not be misinterpreted, modified or added to. Their orientation, color and composition should remain as indicated.

And now you may proceed to the stickers.


We mean it.

Download top 20 IAPP stickers (.zip)Download all IAPP stickers (.zip)

IAPP Digital Sticker ".zip" files may not be able to download through mobile devices and are best accessed through desktop/PC browsers.

1. "Hands off"

2. "Cookies enabled"

3. "Yeti"

4. "Hackers"

5. "Career (not dead — hiring)"

6. "Oh shoot dog"

7. "Under surveillance"

8. "Privacy pro dog"

9. "Talk privacy to me"

10. "Take the heat"

11. "Spark joy"

12. "India eye"

13. "Brazil in language"

14. "Oh my"

15. "Can't protect; don't collect"

16. "99 problems"

17. "Fingerprints"

18. "Why"

19. "Only you"

20. "Dead"

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