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Here, you can find the IAPP’s collection of coverage, analysis and resources related to state privacy in the United States. The IAPP Resource Center also includes US Federal Privacy and CCPA and CPRA topic pages.

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The ranging impacts of Florida’s Digital Bill of Rights

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Washington’s My Health, My Data Act

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New York Attorney General James on protecting consumer privacy, enforcement and possible federal legislation

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BakerHostetler – US Breach Notification Law Interactive Map

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US State Data Breach Notification Law Matrix

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Virginia amendment process complete, text finalized, ahead of Jan. 1 effective date

Virginia governor signs VCDPA amendment bills

Colorado attorney general details his CPA enforcement priorities at IAPP GPS22

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Colorado – Data Security Best Practices

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North Dakota hires chief data officer

BIPA Legislation Introduced in 2021

NASCIO — AI Meets the Moment: How a Pandemic Shaped AI Adoption in State Government

Boston City Council must approve all surveillance tech, new ordinance says

NASCIO – State Chief Information Officer Surveys

NASCIO Report: State CIO use of the Cloud

Illinois court addresses statutes of limitations for BIPA claims

Data Privacy Issues in West Virginia: An Overview

Illinois enacts Protecting Household Privacy Act

Google, New Mexico reach settlement over children’s privacy claims

California attorney general issues guidance on health privacy law obligations

Member Spotlight: A conversation with Domingo DeGrazia

Ohio Attorney General Yost on state, federal privacy law, FTC and more

Ohio Lt. Governor Jon Husted discusses the state’s privacy bill

Maryland adds government CDO, CPO roles

California attorney general offers CCPA enforcement update, launches reporting tool

Update by the California attorney general could be a game-changer

NYC biometric law enters into force

Colorado Privacy Act becomes law

NYC biometric law enters into force

Maine passes statewide facial recognition ban

Vaccination records raising privacy concerns in California

Maryland, Montana pass laws on DNA use for criminal investigations

Law regulates drone use by Minnesota law enforcement

Opt-in vs. opt-out approaches to personal information processing

State Data Breach Notification Chart

‘States are where the action is’ on privacy legislation

Attorney General Tong on enforcement priorities, legislative landscape in Connecticut

Illinois Senate passes strengthened privacy protections for assault victims

The Washington Privacy Act goes 0 for 3

Research shows ‘massive amount’ of vehicle surveillance in California

New York DFS announces $3M breach settlement

16 states join Alabama in disputing Census use of differential privacy

House fails to pass WPA, bill sponsor says it ‘remains alive’

Whittled Florida privacy bill moves forward

House Appropriations Committee passes amended WPA

Kansas Senate approves permanent COVID-19 contact-tracing rules

House committee advances WPA with limited private right of action

What the CPPA’s appointments say about enforcement priorities, strategy

NYPL’s privacy leader on safeguarding patron trust, transparency

California names appointees to new privacy enforcement agency

What Virginia’s Consumer Data Protection Act means for your privacy program

What Virginia’s Consumer Data Protection Act means for your privacy program

Analyzing Virginia’s new privacy law with Odia Kagan

Facebook’s $650M BIPA settlement ‘a make-or-break moment’

Analyzing Virginia’s new privacy law with Odia Kagan

Challenge accepted: Initial Virginia CDPA reactions, considerations

Challenge accepted: Initial Virginia CDPA reactions, considerations

Virginia passes the Consumer Data Protection Act

Virginia passes the Consumer Data Protection Act

A conversation with Tenn. Attorney General Herbert Slatery

Minneapolis bans police use of facial recognition

Proposed opt-in law voted down by North Dakota committee

Minneapolis police file geofence warrant to identify protestors

Facial recognition bills proposed in Maryland, Alabama

Personal transit data protected from warrantless searches under Mass. law

FPF analysis alleges Fla. Sheriff’s Office violates student privacy

Breach of voter registration system exposes 113K Alaskan voters’ data

What is the California Privacy Protection Agency?

A conversation with Nev. Attorney General Aaron Ford

House Republicans seek details on VA data breach

Vt. Legislature passes facial recognition ban

Utah Student Data Privacy Guidebook

Ill. Attorney General Kwame Raoul on changes to state’s data breach law

Privacy pros underwhelmed by Texas privacy council’s report

Gov. Newsom signs bill on Calif. SSN privacy

Colo. law enforcement accessed DMV’s facial recognition software

Calif. passes genetic privacy bill

Michigan airport to use ‘smart helmets’

CDT — Responsible Technology Training Series for Education Practitioners

Arizona MVD sells Social Security numbers to private investigators

Mass. attorney general stands up Data Privacy, Security Division

Maine privacy law takes force despite legal challenges

NY legislature approves ban of facial recognition in schools through 2022

Va. expands COVID-19 database

Man charged in Va. bank robbery challenges geofence warrant

NYC Council passes surveillance oversight bill

Judge approves $3.2M settlement in Ill. BIPA case

ND passes policy to protect student data privacy

Ariz. attorney general files lawsuit against Google over location tracking

IAPP PLS certification given specialty designation in Texas

NY’s SHIELD Act has taken effect — what does this mean for your business?

Ark., Okla. residents’ court, utility payment transactions exposed

Wash. facial-recognition bill signed into law

Ga. Department of Driver’s Services sharing data with ICE

Kentucky court rules police need warrant to ping cell phones

Data breach affects 654K Health Share of Oregon members

Md. Attorney General Brian Frosh talks future legislation

ND court suspends online document access following privacy concerns

Ga. Attorney General Chris Carr on breaches, federal law

Arizona court rules citizens have a right to online privacy from authorities without a warrant

Minnesota to recognize IAPP PLS certification

Nevada passes consumer opt-out bill

Vermont attorney general talks regulating data brokers, protecting consumers

Why are states making consumer data less secure?

Op-ed: Marketers should focus on state privacy laws over a federal rule

Changes on the horizon for North Carolina’s data breach notification law

US federal privacy preemption part 1: History of federal preemption of stricter state laws

Analysis: Ohio’s Data Protection Act

Wisconsin county suffers data breach affecting 258K citizens

Analysis: Vermont’s data broker regulation

Interview with Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro

Missouri Senate passes bill to outlaw nonconsensual pornography

Massachusetts Senate passes data breach protection bill

Indiana attorney general talks black market, breaches and priorities

A Q&A with Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt

Delaware’s amended data breach notification law adds strict requirements