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On May 21, 2024, the EU AI Act was formally approved by the European Council, leading to its official adoption. The next step for the AI Act is publication of the final text in the Official Journal of the European Union. It will enter into force twenty days after publication, with many of its provisions being phased in and implemented over the coming months.

The AI Act, first proposed in April 2021, underwent marathon negotiations, which concluded in a political agreement in December 2023. The final text combines a human-centric approach with a product-safety approach and is designed to establish a harmonized framework for AI regulation across the EU. The AI Act is a world first, setting a global precedent for AI regulation through its risk-based approach.

The AI Act will be hugely important and consequential to the governance of AI in the EU and across the world. This page will stay updated with the latest guidance documents and resources covering the EU AI Act. The IAPP additionally hosts AI and Europe topic pages in the Resource Center.

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