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Recent Web Conferences

Did you miss a recent IAPP web conference? No worries. We have a whole library of web conference recordings, separated by recent airings and topic below.

Web Conference: Report on responsible AI and privacy governance – discussion of findings

Original broadcast date: 3 May 2023 In this web conference, panelists will address understanding why 40% of organizations build algorithmic impact assessments on top of their existing privacy impact assessments, the details from your peers on the top three risks to consider when deploying AI systems and how AI governance should adapt, practical approaches to AI governance and how existing privacy governance leads the way, close alignment with privacy fosters higher AI maturity. Find out what motivates organizations to utilize their privacy experience for responsible AI governance and how to prepare guidelines for AI governance within your organization. Read More

Web Conference: Privacy trends with DataGrail

Original broadcast date: 27 April 2023 In this web conference, panelists will address what you can expect from the EU General Data Protection Regulation, the California Consumer Privacy Act and other regulations in 2023, how many data subject requests to expect annually and key findings from our powerful industry benchmark report of expectations for the ripple effect of data privacy regulations. Read More

Web Conference: Privacy beyond checkmarks: How to Navigate Cross-border Transfers

Original broadcast date: 30 March 2023 In this web conference, panelists will address the latest developments and insights on cross-border restrictions, including in the U.S., the EU and U.K. General Data Protection Regulation, and the Asia-Pacific region, identifying and highlighting cross-border data transfer risks within your organization, how to operationalize data transfers to ensure alignment with various regulations, leveraging a modern framework with data intelligence, regulatory insights and intelligent access controls to automate safe data sharing. Read More

Web Conference: EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework: New Independent, Binding Redress Mechanism

Original broadcast date: 27 March 2023 In this web conference, you will learn directly from the source how the redress process functions from beginning to end. In this session, the panelists aim to address key questions such as how the redress mechanism will work overall, what the Attorney General designation of a country is, what is involved at the ODNI CLPO stage of review, how DPRC serves its function as the second level of redress and what steps the CLPO or DPRC can take to remedy a covered violation of law. Read More

Web Conference: Building a legal and business case for data inventory

Original broadcast date: 22 March 2023 In this web conference, we will focus on the key legal drivers to understand how data inventory underpins the expectations of these laws and how to build support within the organization to properly resource and conduct a data inventory that can be the foundation of a defensible privacy and compliance program — today and in the future Read More

Web Conference: Changing Privacy and Stakeholder Management for a Cloud-First World

Original broadcast date: 15 March 2023 In this web conference, we will discuss how an increase in hybrid and remote work has blurred the lines between work and personal activities. As a result, more personal data is being generated, retained, shared and accessed across a multitude of devices and clouds. Furthermore, prevalence and reach of privacy regulations are becoming increasingly pervasive, putting greater risk on organizations of all types and sizes. Read More

Web Conference: Weathering the storm: Building an effective privacy budget & proving ROI in 2023

Original broadcast date:14 March 2023 This web conference addresses how to determine and amplify the downstream return on investment of privacy initiatives, how to position automation as key to weathering the current economic environment, and techniques for creating and nurturing internal relationships that will champion your initiatives — and their budgets — to leadership Read More

Web Conference: Rethinking data visibility: Why effective governance needs continuous discovery

Original broadcast date: 08 March 2023 This web conference addresses why giving a good faith effort is no longer good enough, how data visibility gives privacy and security professionals control over ballooning data usage and data access scopes, the many layers to data visibility: from discovering systems to scanning codebases and organizing tables to classifying data categories, and the challenges and costs compared to manual data mapping workflows. Read More

Web Conference: Five ways to build a bulletproof PBD program with your security partners

Original broadcast date: 14 Feb. 2023 In this web conference you will learn, strategies on how privacy and security can create processes for pre-deployment insights from product and engineering teams, how to leverage privacy and security teams’ shared needs on third-party vendor reviews and record of processing activities and battle-tested tips on how to avoid getting ambushed for last-minute approval requests from the business. Read More

Web Conference: What Your Business Should Be Doing Now to Unlock Privacy Benefits

Original broadcast date: 15 Dec. 2022 This web conference will explain how you can leverage technology to unlock privacy benefits and keep up in today’s dynamic world. Specifically, this conference will look at navigating today’s privacy landscape: from it's ever-evolving global regulations, to earning trust with customers (whilst battling consent fatigue), to keeping up with industry shifts like transitioning to GA4. Read More