Global AI Legislation Tracker

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Countries worldwide are designing and implementing AI governance legislation commensurate to the velocity and variety of proliferating AI-powered technologies. Legislative efforts include the development of comprehensive legislation, focused legislation for specific use cases, and voluntary guidelines and standards.

This tracker identifies legislative policy and related developments in a subset of jurisdictions. It is not globally comprehensive, nor does it include all AI initiatives within each jurisdiction, given the rapid and widespread policymaking in this space. This tracker offers brief commentary on the wider AI context in specific jurisdictions, and lists index rankings provided by Tortoise Media, the first index to benchmark nations on their levels of investment, innovation and implementation of AI.

As individual jurisdictions press ahead with their own frameworks and approaches, they have also doubled down on multilateral efforts to coordinate and cohere different approaches. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s AI principles have been reaffirmed in many different contexts, including by digital and technology ministers of the G7 countries during the 2023 Hiroshima Summit. UNESCO, the International Organization for Standardization, the African Union and the Council of Europe are all working on multilateral AI governance frameworks. The U.K. government is organizing the first AI Safety Summit for government and industry stakeholders to agree upon, evaluate and monitor the most significant risks from AI.

Tracking, unpacking and governing the complex field of global AI governance law and policy has quickly become a top tier strategic issue for organizations. The IAPP AI Governance Center will provide AI governance professionals with the content, resources, networking, training and certification needed to respond to the field’s complex risks. We welcome feedback and insights from the community of AI governance professionals.

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This map shows which jurisdictions are in focus and covered by this tracker. It does not represent the extent to which jurisdictions around the world are active on AI governance legislation. Further information on specific jurisdictions can be found within the tracker.

Jurisdictions in focus









New Zealand

Saudi Arabia


South Korea

United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom

United States