IAPP White Papers


IAPP White Papers

This page hosts a collection of white papers published by the IAPP.

Additional White Papers

Negotiating privacy: Bipartisan agreement on US privacy rights in the 117th Congress

Privacy as a competitive differentiator: Building an effective and strategic healthcare privacy program

Privacy Leaders’ Views — The Impact of COVID-19 on Privacy Priorities, Practices and Programs

An Overview of US Surveillance in Light of “Schrems II”

The Skill Set Needed to Implement the NIST Privacy Framework

Privacy Risks to Individuals in the Wake of COVID-19

Assessing the Right to Personal Data Portability in Mexico

DPAs on the Ground

The Skill Set Needed to Implement a Privacy Risk Management Framework

COPRA and CDPA: Similarities, Gray Areas and Differences

Negotiating with Service Providers and Third Parties under CCPA

Privacy 2030: A New Vision for Europe

The Skill Set Needed to Implement a Global Privacy Standard: ISO/IEC 27701 alignment with IAPP CIPM and CIPP/E certifications

5 Steps You Must Take to Prepare for the CCPA

CCPA Compliance Operation: Delivering Data Access via Accounts

Timelines and budgets for GDPR compliance: A meta-analysis

Consensus and Controversy in the Debate Over US Federal Data Privacy Legislation

Building Ethics into Privacy Frameworks for Big Data and AI

Applying the Positive-Sum Principle for Successful Privacy by Design Outcomes

Some Privacy Practices May Result in Under-Reporting of Breach Incidents

What the GDPR Requires of and Leaves to the Member States

Consent for the Collection, Use, and/or Disclosure of Children’s Personal Information

Bridging ISO 27001 to GDPR

Top 10 operational responses to the GDPR

6 Ways Privacy Awareness Training Will Transform Your Staff

How DPA Budget and Staffing Levels Mirror National Differences in GDP and Population

How Privacy Awareness Builds Trust

IAPP Privacy 101 White Paper Series

Five Lessons I Learned Transitioning from Security to Privacy

Getting Started with Privacy in Canada

Must-Have Privacy Training Features for Your Team

Privacy and Data Security is for Everyone

They Did What? Top Privacy Mistakes To Watch Out For (and How To Avoid Them)

The UX Guide to Getting Consent

Check or Mate? Strategic Privacy by Design

The legal risks for the DPO

Applying VPPA to Online Video Privacy

Assessing Mobile App Data Privacy Risk

From Here to DPO: Building a Data Protection Officer

Preparing for the GDPR: DPOs, PIAs, and Data Mapping

Getting to the ROI of Privacy

The Risk-Based Approach in the GDPR: Interpretation and Implications

Top 45 Security and Privacy Blind Spots

Managing Your Data Breach

Privacy Policies: How To Communicate Effectively with Consumers

Privacy 101 for SMEs: The Best Defense is a Good Offense

A Call for Agility: The Next-Generation Privacy Professional