Got Skills? Get Schooled in Privacy—Whenever, Wherever

There’s a real need for professionals who know the issues and impacts of data privacy. Whether you work in the public or private sector, and wherever you work in the world, the IAPP is where you can get the privacy know-how you need.

Online privacy training

Are you the DIY type? Like to learn at your own pace, in your own place? Our interactive online training is just a click away. You’ll cover the same material as in an instructor-led class—and learn knowledge and skills you can put right to work.

Privacy training classes

Spend two days at an IAPP privacy training class and bring home new skills, new ideas, and new career contacts. Our classes are offered throughout the year and throughout the world. And they’re taught by our Professional Privacy Faculty, whose experience, credentials and teaching skills will blow you away.


If you want to work more effectively in the privacy sphere, crack open an IAPP text. The IAPP regularly selects and commissions expert treatments of evolving privacy issues. We offer overviews, how-to guides, and books that drill down into specific fields and global regions. And if you’re looking for CPE credits, these books qualify.

Web conferences

While your office mates watch cats on YouTube, you can connect with the latest privacy info from leading experts. Your body will be in the comfort of your own office or conference room—and your mind will be charging with great information you can put to use at work right away.

Resource Center

Is a “metric life cycle” that new thing at the gym? Know your privacy talk. Check the extensive online glossary in our Resource Center. Oh, and while you’re there, you’ll also find essential hands-on tools, research, templates, forms, checklists and a lot more. It’s all at your fingertips.


Good things happen when privacy people meet in public. Come to an IAPP conference and come away with new knowledge and skills. You’ll meet peers and mentors, and you’ll learn the latest on privacy and data protection from industry experts.