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Privacy 101 topic page

The IAPP is the world’s largest privacy association. We’re here to provide information and a community for people working with personal data, and those who are interested in making data privacy their career.

On this page, you’ll find articles and tools to help you get a basic understanding of the job of the privacy pro and data protection laws and practices around the globe.

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Your daily source for the most important privacy and data protection news from around the world.

IAPP Glossary

The IAPP Glossary is your go-to place to find definitions of important privacy terms.
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Foundations of Privacy and Data Protection

IAPP Foundations of Privacy and Data Protection is a comprehensive training course for quickly teaching privacy fundamentals to organizations and individuals. It is available in three modalities – self-paced online, live online and in-person.
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Global Privacy Law and DPA Directory

This tool identifies global data protection authorities and privacy legislation.
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Privacy and Consumer Trust Report

This report shines a light on what consumers around the globe think about privacy
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IAPP Visions of Privacy

This publication is a future-looking anthology of contributions from privacy thought-leaders from around the world, who reflected on privacy from 2000 to 2020 and what the future of privacy might hold.
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IAPP Privacy 101 White Paper Series

The IAPP published an introductory white paper series covering various aspects of the privacy space.
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Privacy Program Operations topic page

This topic page offers tools, guidance and research on all aspects of privacy programs.
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Incident and Breach Management topic page

On this topic page, you’ll find news, resources, tools and insights covering cyber incidents and data breaches, with guidance on how best to respond as an organization or individual in the occurrence of being impacted by a breach.
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Small and Medium-Sized Businesses topic page

This topic page aims to help with tools, tips and guidance for small and medium-sized businesses.
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Privacy Governance Report

This report builds on previous comprehensive efforts to shine a light on the location, performance and significance of privacy governance within organizations.
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Privacy Risk Study

This report represents the most comprehensive study of privacy risk undertaken by the IAPP in collaboration with KPMG.
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Building Your Career

Hone your expertise, learn about the privacy job market and up your interview game with the resources the IAPP has provided here.
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IAPP Job Board

Job seekers, meet top employers looking for privacy professionals. Employers, meet job seekers with the privacy training you need. Our job board and Career Central Digest newsletter connects people worldwide. Browse what’s available. Advertise your openings.
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IAPP Career Central

Sign up for the Career Central Digest, a monthly newsletter with exclusive IAPP-written articles about the industry of privacy and highlighting a select few available positions in the industry.
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IAPP Privacy Professionals Salary Survey

This report explores the compensation, both financial and nonfinancial, offered to privacy professionals.
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Building the next generation of security and privacy professionals

This white paper explores how the roles of privacy and cybersecurity professionals are becoming increasingly interdependent, and compares the challenges faced by both professions.
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