Tools and Trackers

The IAPP develops, maintains and houses a variety of tools to help members keep up with the rapid developments in privacy and their impact on business and the profession, from global privacy legislation comparisons to enforcement trackers and glossaries.

US State Privacy Legislation Tracker
The IAPP’s "US State Privacy Legislation Tracker" consists of proposed and enacted comprehensive privacy bills from across the U.S. to aid our members’ efforts to stay abreast of the changing state-privacy landscape.

GDPR Genius
The “GDPR Genius” is an interactive tool that provides IAPP members with access to critical EU General Data Protection Regulation–related resources, by mapping requirements to relevant recitals, EU and member state guidance, relevant court cases, enforcement actions, and other resources and tools.

CCPA and CPRA Genius
The “CCPA and CPRA Genius” is an interactive tool that helps IAPP members navigate the CCPA and CPRA by mapping legal requirements, while providing access to critical resources, analysis, compliance guidance and more.

CCPA-/CPRA-Related Legislation Tracker
To help keep track of all this activity, the IAPP has put together the "CCPA-/CPRA-Related Legislation Tracker." The grid includes the bill number with a link to the full bill, a brief summary of the amendment, subject, lead author, status and last legislative action.

CCPA Litigation Overview
The IAPP developed a chart illustrating the differences among the CCPA cases being filed. The "CCPA Litigation Overview" includes the alleged conduct the plaintiff(s) claim violated the CCPA, whether a CCPA count is specifically included in the complaint and the other California statutes raised by plaintiffs.

Data Protection Officer Requirements by Country
Increasingly, privacy and data protection laws around the world require organizations to designate a data protection officer to translate legal protections into practical reality. This chart catalogues those requirements but does not include the many additional instances in which a DPO is recommended but not required.

The IAPP “Glossary” is your go-to place to find definitions of important privacy terms.

Data Protection Authorities
The IAPP “Data Protection Authorities” directory is the most comprehensive list of DPAs we’ve ever compiled with more than 150 enforcement authorities listed. The information included consists of websites, head authorities, data protection legislation and contact info.

Global Privacy and Data Protection Enforcement Database
The IAPP’s “Global Privacy and Data Protection Enforcement Database” is a collection of enforcement actions from all over the world.

Approved Binding Corporate Rules
Links to some approved Binding Corporate Rules documentation.

U.S. State Data Breach Lists
Many U.S. state agencies publish lists of reported data breaches in their respective state.