Tools and Trackers

IAPP Tools and Trackers

The IAPP develops, maintains and houses a variety of tools to help members keep up with the rapid developments in privacy and their impact on business and the profession, from global privacy legislation comparisons to enforcement trackers and glossaries.

Featured Tools and Trackers

This tool identifies global data protection authorities and privacy legislation. Within each country listing, if available, there will be links to the DPA, privacy legislation and relevant IAPP resources.
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Global AI Law and Policy Tracker

This tracker identifies AI legislative and policy developments in a subset of jurisdictions.
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EU AI Act: 101

This chart provides an overview of the EU AI Act, which lays down down a comprehensive legal framework for the development, marketing and use of AI in the EU in conformity with EU values.
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California Privacy and AI Legislation Tracker

This tracker highlights any California data law with potential privacy or AI governance implications across sectors.
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US State Privacy Legislation Tracker

This resource contains a table and map tracking US state privacy laws, and is regularly updated to reflect new state privacy legislation.
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US Federal Privacy Legislation Tracker

This tracker organizes privacy-related bills proposed in the U.S. Congress to keep our members informed of developments within the federal privacy landscape.
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Key dates for EU initiatives

The IAPP created this timeline of key dates for the primary EU regulations and initiatives affecting privacy.
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Additional Tools and Trackers


Global Privacy and Data Protection Enforcement Database

Key Terms for AI Governance

European Strategy for Data – Overview of New Regulations

Navigating Government Access to Private Data in the EU

EU AI Act: Next Steps for Implementation

European Institutions Privacy Stakeholder Map

Key Dates of Federal Data Privacy Reform in Australia

EU AI Act cheat sheet

Privacy Engineering Domains

Top 6 operational impacts of India’s DPDPA

Implementing Transatlantic Transfers

International Definitions of Artificial Intelligence

Global Cross-Border Privacy Rules – Guidance and Resources

EU-US Data Privacy Framework – Guidance and Resources

EU Data Initiatives in Context

EU decision-making at a glance: How do EU laws get approved?

Global data transfer contracts

Global adequacy capabilities

UK data protection reform: An overview

US Institutions Privacy Stakeholder Map

Refresher: The GDPR's Six Legal Bases for Data Processing

The Growth of State Privacy Legislation

Key Dates from US Comprehensive State Privacy Laws

Scope of the draft American Data Privacy and Protection Act

UK DPDI Bill: Comparative analysis with the EU GDPR and ePrivacy framework

UK Data Protection Reform

Data Protection Officer Requirements by Country

Privacy in M&A transactions: The playbook

BIPA Legislation Introduced in 2021

GDPR Genius

U.S. State Data Breach Lists

2021 Proposed Comprehensive US Privacy Legislation

Transfer Impact Assessment Templates

DPA and government guidance on ‘Schrems II’

EU Standard Contractual Clauses (Word documents)

How Defendants Are Attacking CCPA Claims

Frequently Asked Questions & Resources on ‘Schrems II’

Article 49 Derogations — Summary Table with Examples

Opt in or opt out? State privacy bills introduced in 2021

State Data Breach Notification Chart

How to Provide DPO Contact Information to Your DPA

Summary of CPRA Contractual Obligations

CCPA Litigation Overview

ICO, CNIL, German and Spanish DPA revised cookies guidelines: Convergence and divergence

Checklist: Expedited Vendor Privacy and Security Assessment

Cookie Guidance from Greece

Comparison: Indian Personal Data Protection Bill 2019 vs. GDPR

DPO Report Template

Sample DPO Service Agreement

Consumer Privacy Notice Template

Sample Data Processing Agreement

DPO Job Description