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Protecting data protection rights in Kenya

There are lessons to be learned from implementation on the ground in Kenya, but also from other jurisdictions that have enacted data protection legislation. Access Now Africa Policy Associate Bridget Andere elaborates on the recommendations her organization has submitted to the consultation.
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Data protection regulations expand throughout Africa

The enactment of data protection legislation across Africa bodes well for the future. Cathy-Eitel Nzume, CIPP/E, CIPP/US, expects more legislation to be passed.
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Privacy Around the Globe:

IAPP Vice President and Chief Knowledge Officer Omer Tene spoke with Data Protection Commission of Ghana Executive Director Patricia Adusei-Poku.
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Latest News and Resources

Smart Africa, DPAs join in support of data protection law enforcement, harmonization

The Smart Africa Alliance and the Network of African Data Protection Authorities signed a memorandum of understanding to support authorities’ enforcement and harmonization of personal data protection laws, African Business reports. Through the MOU, the groups stated support for national data strategies and “a harmonized framework” around enforcement, support for African states preparing or updating privacy and personal data legislation and developing enhanced collaboration.Full Story... Read More

Gambian officials look to bring country's data protection standards closer to EU

The Council of Europe’s Data Protection Unit and the Global Action on Cyber Crime Extended held a workshop Feb. 22 for Gambian officials to help bring the country’s data protection standards more in line with international regulations, according to the Council of Europe. Gambian representatives from government bodies, ministries, public, private sector and civil society discussed a desk analysis where they decided to either establish an independent Data Protection and Privacy Agency or merge it ... Read More

Africa and Near East region see ‘explosive growth of data privacy rules’

In a blog post for Morrison Foerster, Senior Privacy Advisor Cynthia Rich discusses the “explosive growth of data privacy rules” in the Africa and Near East region in 2021, adding the upcoming year “is likely to bring even more dramatic changes to this diverse region of the world as more new laws and regulations are enacted.” Rich said eight new data privacy laws were enacted or entered into force last year. She reviewed the changes and discussed the potential for new laws and regulations in 202... Read More

State of Internet Freedom in Africa 2021
(CIPESA, September 2021)
Data Protection Obligations of Cloud Providers and Customers in Nigeria
(African Academic Network on Internet Policy, September 2021)
The COVID-19 Pandemic and Africa’s Digital Healthcare System
(African Academic Network on Internet Policy, August 2021)
IBA African Data Protection Guide for Lawyers in Africa
(International Bar Association’s African Regional Forum, July 2021)
South African regulator warns against processing of photos
(IAPP, July 2021)
Privacy and personal data protection in Africa: A rights-based survey of legislation in eight countries
(African Declaration on Internet Rights and Freedoms Coalition, May 2021)
Exposed and exploited: Data protection in the Middle East and North Africa
(Access Now, January 2021)
POPIA Privacy Notice and Compliance Checklists
(VeraSafe, January 2021)
Kenya appoints its first ever data protection commissioner
(IAPP, December 2020)
ID4Africa panel talks biometric efforts
(IAPP, June 2020)
Personal Data: An overview of low- and middle-income countries
(World Wide Web Foundation, July 2019)
Personal Data Protection Guidelines for Africa
(Commission of the African Union, African Academic Network on Internet Policy, May 2019)
Artificial Intelligence: Starting the policy dialogue in Africa
(World Wide Web Foundation, May 2019)
Privacy is Paramount: Personal Data Protection in Africa
(Deloitte, May 2019)
GDPR matchup: South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Act
(IAPP, September 2017)
The Privacy Advocate’ brings her message to Africa
(IAPP, August 2016)
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Privacy Legislation

Africa to coordinate data protection laws

A framework that would coordinate data protection laws across Nigeria and other African nations has been created and is being tested in five countries, the Guardian reports. “The implication is that any data centre could be hosted in any African country. It also enables multinationals to choose a country in Africa they can invest in and any transfer of data would be linked to Africa,” National Information Technology Development Agency Regulations, Monitoring and Compliance Lead Olufemi Daniel sa... Read More

After 7-year wait, South Africa's Data Protection Act enters into force

South Africa finally has data protection legislation! Although the right to privacy has been enshrined as a fundamental right in the Bill of Rights since 1996, United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Privacy Joseph Cannataci said in March South Africa is “about 30 years behind” in implementing its privacy legislation when compared to other jurisdictions. The substantive provisions of the Protection of Personal Information Act 2013 enter into force July 1 (certain provisions relating t... Read More

Nigerian officials call for collaboration on data protection, privacy

In a virtual meeting, Nigeria’s federal government officials called for more collaboration on data protection and privacy, according to PR Nigeria. Data Analytics Privacy Technology Director Franklin Akinsuyi spoke of the benefits of data protection and privacy impact assessments, both now and post-COVID-19. “Government institutions need to collaborate to properly assess, co-ordinate and identify the data protection and privacy risks to the population,” he said.Full Story... Read More

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