We are putting together a must-see program for Summit 2024

Dozens of privacy and data protection experts sent us ideas for filling out the agenda for IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2024. We are reviewing proposals for sessions ranging from international data transfers to artificial intelligence governance to privacy and security operations and much more. Check back in November and December for the opening of registration and announcement of the agenda, including breakout sessions, keynote speakers, training, and networking activities.

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2023 event highlights

Every year the Summit gets bigger and better, and the IAPP’s Summit 2023 was no exception. This highly anticipated, four-day event attracted five thousand professionals from all over the globe to connect and learn about the latest developments in privacy and data protection. Attendees benefitted from exceptional session content, networking opportunities, and were left informed and inspired by the extensive list of high-profile speakers who joined the D.C. conference

From keynote addresses to breakout sessions and a workshop, artificial intelligence was top of mind this year and was explored through many lenses and perspectives. Experts discussed the intersection of AI and civil rights and attendees heard about developments happening around the world, including Italy’s ban on ChatGPT and the European Union’s ambitious intent to launch the AI Act by early 2024. On the national front, discussions revolved around federal and state legislation updates. Representatives from the California Privacy Protection Agency stressed compliance, updated participants on recent violations and the evolution of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Those who came to Summit 2023 left with a greater sense of what is on the horizon for privacy in the coming year and beyond, and a mission from A-list celebrity Trevor Noah to, “always try to plan for a world that you may never see.”

Summit continues to be the most talked about privacy event on the year. As the space and community continues to grow, and with the U.S. on the brink on a national privacy law, be sure you are on the list to join next year’s event.

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Why you should attend Summit 2024

Summit is the place to get critical analysis and perspectives on important topics from the who’s who of privacy. Thousands of professionals return year after year to find solutions to privacy challenges, learn new skills and best practices, and gain insights to advance their privacy operations. From technology and advertising to international data flows, sessions cater to all levels of privacy experience and interests so it’s the ideal event to bring the whole team.








Expert Speakers




2023 keynote speakers

Alvaro Bedoya

Commissioner, Federal Trade Commission

Throughout his career, Commissioner Bedoya has influenced research and policy at the intersection of privacy and civil rights.

Dan Bouk

Associate Professor of History, Chair, Department of History, Colgate University

Dan Bouk researches the history of bureaucracies, quantification and other modern things shrouded in cloaks of boringness.

Danielle Citron

Jefferson Scholars Foundation Schenck Distinguished Professor in Law, Caddell and Chapman Professor of Law, University of Virginia School of Law; Vice President, Cyber Civil Rights Initiative

MacArthur fellow Danielle Citron investigates the price we pay as technology migrates deeper into every aspect of our lives, arguing that citizens, lawmakers and corporations have the power to create a new reality where privacy is valued and individuals are protected as they embrace what technology offers.

Nina Schick

Author, Entrepreneur, Advisor Specialising in Generative AI, Founder, Tamang Ventures

The practical reality of artificial intelligence is evolving into a synthetic future where media is manipulated or even wholly generated by AI. Nina Schick offers insight into how to navigate and understand the exponential technological changes of our age.



2023 keynote conversations

Trevor Noah


Alexandra Reeve Givens

President & CEO, Center for Democracy & Technology


The author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller “Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood,” talked with the President & CEO of the Center for Democracy & Technology, Alexandra Reeve Givens about finding identity, belonging and community while growing up in a world where he was never meant to exist in a segregated South Africa.


Moderator: Joe Jones

Research & Insights Director, IAPP

Elizabeth Denham CBE

International Advisor, Baker McKenzie

Andrea Jelinek

Chair, European Data Protection Board; Head, Austrian Data Protection Authority

Max Schrems

Honorary Chairman, noyb


In a panel discussion led by the IAPP’s Joe Jones, Andrea Jelinek, chair of the European Data Protection Board; Max Schrems, honorary chairman of noyb; and Elizabeth Denham CBE, former commissioner of the ICO discussed the GDPR’s most challenging issues of this year, including enforcement, adtech and international data transfers.

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