J. Trevor Hughes, CIPP

President and CEO

Amy Sherwood, CIPP/US, CIPM

Vice President/Chief Operating Officer

Omer Tene

VP, Chief Knowledge Officer

Andrew Beal, CIPP/US

Chief Financial Officer

Tory Bell

Director of International Operations

Marla Berry, CIPT

Training Director

Kate Colleary, CIPP/E

Country Leader, Ireland

Douglas Forman

Certification Director

Rosa M. Franco Velázquez, CIPP/US

Managing Director, Latin America

Rita Heimes, CIPP/E, CIPP/US, CIPM

Research Director, DPO

Paul Jordan

Managing Director, Europe

Kris Klein, CIPP/C, CIPM, FIP

Managing Director, Canada

Sebastian Kraska

Country Leader, Germany

Kimberly MacNeill, CIPP/US

Member Engagement Director

Matt McNeil

Membership & Customer Relations Director

Mindy Moore, CIPP/US

Events Director

Yann Padova

Country Leader, France

Rocco Panetta

Country Leader, Italy

Sam Pfeifle

Content Director

Michele Rainforth

Director of Staff

Alyssa Rosinski, CIPP/US, CIPM

Global Business Development Director

Rahul Sharma

Country Leader, India

Richard Soule, CIPP/E

Sales Director

Jeroen Terstegge, CIPP/E, CIPP/US

Country Leader, Netherlands

Eija Warma, CIPP/E

Country Leader, Scandinavia

Giles Watkins, CIPP/E

Country Leader, U.K.

Jeffrey Wdow

Marketing Director

Catherine Allen, CIPP/US, CIPM

Certification Consultant

John Allman, CIPM, CIPT

Systems Administrator

Ashley Arsenault

Project Specialist, Events & Marketing

Francesca Audia

Corporate Membership Coordinator

Ashleigh Austin, CIPP/C

Events Coordinator, Programming and Speakers

Lauryn Austin

Certification Assistant

Leslie Brenner, CIPP/US

Production Manager

Melissa Bresnahan

UI Developer

Sarah Bright

Marketing Manager

Lisa Cadieux

Training Development Specialist

Erin Cahill

Events Coordinator

Kirsten Calkins

Executive Office Manager

Jim Campbell, CIPP/US

Enterprise Alliance Consultant

Lauren Carpenter

Administrative Assistant

Angelique Carson, CIPP/US

Editor, The Privacy Advisor

Jennifer Clark

HR Consultant

Dave Cohen, CIPP/E, CIPP/US

Knowledge Manager

Scott Colati, CIPP/US, CIPM

European Operations and Business Development Specialist

Lucien Couture

Desktop Support Technician

Jessica Cyr, CIPP/US

Senior Manager, Sales Operations

Michelle Dalton, CIPP/US

Marketing Manager

Briana Deneu

Accounting Coordinator

Stephanie Denoncour

Membership Operations Manager

Hayley Devlin

Individual Membership Coordinator

Anne Dyment

Membership and Customer Relations Assistant

Cody Eirman, CIPM

Marketing Copywriter

Ali Ferriero, CIPM

Human Resources Specialist

Sarah Flaherty

Senior Training Manager

Whitney Fleming

Operations Project Specialist

Geoff Fountain

Inside Sales Representative

Katherine Gilchrest, CIPP/US

Member Engagement Manager

Samantha Granville

Social Media Coordinator

Dustin Green, CIPT

Software Developer

Rick Habib, CIPP/US

Events Content and Speaker Manager

Kathryn Hand, CIPM

Events Assistant

Michelle Harding

Inside Sales Consultant

Leah Harrington

Member Engagement Specialist

Cathleen Harris, CIPP/US

Training Coordinator

Rachel Hawes

Marketing Coordinator

Lindsay Hinkle

External Affairs Manager

Molly Hulefeld

Staff Writer

Lindsay Hyde

Events Coordinator, Programming & Speakers

Steve Johnson, CIPM

Events Specialist, Production & Technology

Christelle Kamaliza

Market Research Specialist

Katy Kreiger, CIPP/US, CIPM

Enterprise Alliance Consultant

Savin Kuch

Membership and Customer Relations Assistant

Gracelyn Kuzman

Member Engagement Assistant

Jen Latta

Hospitality Coordinator

Regyn Lawry

Member Engagement Coordinator

Emily Leach, CIPP/E, CIPP/US

Sr. Content Manager

Julie Legrain

European Projects Coordinator

Margie LeSage

Human Resources Specialist

Mark Lovely

Certification Exam Manager

Marin Mathien, CIPM

Events Manager

Barbara May


Lyndsey McCann

Corporate Membership Coordinator

Mike McGrail, CIPM

Senior Copywriter

Joni McNeal

Copy Editor

Auke Meijers

Client Services Coordinator

Jilly Mengers, CIPP/US

Events Manager

Caroline Merrill

Training Operations Manager

Whitney Montesanto

Membership and Customer Relations Assistant

Bridget Morang

Certification Operations Manager

Tom Morang

SEO/SEM Specialist

Jon Moscone

Implementation Specialist

Erik Moulton

Facilities Specialist

Bethany Moulton

Creative Services Manager

Amber Munnelly

Marketing Manager

Diane Nardone-McDonough

Leadership Coordinator

Kate O'Carroll

Individual Membership Manager

Kelly Oberlin

Member Engagement Assistant

Jessica Orsini

Corporate Membership Manager

Ashley Owen

Video Production Specialist

Johanna Oxholm, CIPP/US

Training Coordinator

Bolivar Pereira, CIPP/E

Corporate Alliance Consultant

Jennifer Priester

Marketing and Business Data Analyst

Nicole Raines

Client Services Coordinator

Alex Rindone

Software Developer

Paige Rindone

International Operations Manager

Ivy Robichaud, CIPM

Marketing Operations Manager

David Rogers

Sales Assistant

Nicole Russell

Training Product Manager

Miranda Sansoucie

Membership and Customer Relations Assistant

Mark Sayer

Content Services Manager

Jessica Schultz

Event Sales Consultant - Corporate Sponsors & Exhibitors

Allison Scofield

Events Assistant

Brittany Siciliano

Member Engagement Coordinator

Angel Smith

Training Development Specialist

Erika Sollenberger

Membership and Customer Relations Assistant

Julie Sowinski, CIPM

Training Development Specialist

Aaron Stevens, CIPP/US, CIPT

Channel Sales Manager

Corey Stewart

Certification Coordinator

Rich Swietek

Senior Creative Services Manager

Corey Tess

Senior Software Development Manager

Susan Tierney

Certification Exam Manager

Daniel Toland, CIPP/US

Sales Executive

Jayne Turkington

Events Coordinator

Mark Valliere

Desktop Support Technician

Kimberly Watson

Accounting Manager

Lindsey Wood

Graphic Designer

Genesis Yong

Online Content Coordinator

Tara Young

Events Coordinator

Elizabeth Young

Training Development Specialist