Published: January 2019

Over the past few months, numerous lawmakers and organizations have offered proposals or recommendations regarding a new U.S. federal data privacy law. To shine more light on the specific provisions that are being debated, we look here at a set of the most recent bills that have been introduced in Congress, including the Consumer Data Protection Act introduced by Senator Ron Wyden, D-Ore.; the Data Breach Prevention and Compensation Act of 2018 introduced by Senator Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass.; and the most recent one, the Data Care Act of 2018, proposed by Senator Schatz, D-Hawaii, in early December 2018.

Further, we examine a selection of recommendations made in comments submitted to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration from across government, industry, and advocacy organizations in response to a set of desired privacy outcomes. 

Lastly, we identify several areas of broad agreement as well as pointed disagreement regarding the nature, shape, and scope of a potential U.S. federal data privacy law.