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AI is dominating headlines, workplaces and public spaces, making AI governance of paramount importance to ensure that AI is deployed ethically and responsibly. This is especially true with the upcoming implementation of the EU AI Act, the world’s first comprehensive AI governance regulatory framework.

Consequently, we made the strategic decision to host our second AI Governance Global conference in Brussels this year, where you can enhance your understanding of AI governance challenges, solutions, emerging trends, best practices and upcoming legislation. As an AI governance thought leader, you will also be able to build your network of AI governance professionals.

Due to the magnitude of the EU AI Act, we will be offering a special EU AI Act Comprehensive within the overall conference for those who want to take a deeper, piece-by-piece dive into this groundbreaking legislation.

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EU AI Act Comprehensive

Take a deeper dive into the EU AI Act

At AI Governance Global 2024, we are offering a special six-session EU AI Act Comprehensive, basically a conference within our conference, featuring AI experts from different disciplines and countries.

They will give a piece-by-piece breakdown of the most comprehensive regulatory framework on AI to date and provide the full picture of what EU AI Act compliance will entail once it goes into effect. You can attend all the sessions or just the ones you need to complete your understanding of this groundbreaking legislation.

Keynote speakers

Matt Brittin

President, EMEA, Google

Matt Brittin focuses on Google’s opportunity and responsibility to harness technology for good, helping people, communities, companies and countries make the most of innovation.

Kate Jones

CEO, Digital Regulation Cooperation Forum

Kate Jones leads the DRCF which coordinates between UK digital regulators, to make it easier for businesses to comply and foster innovation while protecting and empowering people online. In doing so, Kate draws on her background as a diplomat, international lawyer and researcher focused on the value of cross-sectoral approaches to governance.

Brad Smith

Vice Chair and President, Microsoft

Brad Smith spearheads Microsoft's work in representing a wide variety of critical issues at the intersection of technology and society, including artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, privacy, environmental sustainability, human rights, digital safety, immigration, philanthropy, and products and business for non-profit customers.

Dragoş Tudorache

Member of the European Parliament, Vice President of the Renew Europe Group, LIBE Rapporteur on the AI Act

As the LIBE rapporteur on the EU AI Act, Tudorache led the groundwork for the passage of the landmark regulation that sets a global standard on AI.

Shannon Vallor

Baillie Gifford Professor in the Ethics of Data and Artificial Intelligence, Edinburgh Futures Institute, The University of Edinburgh

In her forthcoming book, “The AI Mirror: How to Reclaim Our Humanity in an Age of Machine Thinking,” Professor Vallor draws on a decade of expertise in the ethical design and use of AI to challenge the dominant narrative of AI supremacy, and give us ways to think about AI that reinvigorate our sense of human agency and possibility.

Keynote conversation

Nick Clegg

President, Global Affairs, Meta

Alexandra Reeve Givens

President & CEO, Center for Democracy & Technology

Following almost two decades of work in public service, Nick Clegg now leads Meta on all matters of global policy while helping the public at large understand the breadth and scope of metaverse technology.

These are some of the sessions you will not want to miss in Brussels

Brussels’ Effect 2.0
After the GDPR, the “Brussels effect” took place, with several jurisdictions following the EU’s steps and implementing data protection legislation. Now, with the EU AI Act, we may be headed toward a second wave of the same phenomenon. This session will discuss the effects of this legislation on civil society, the private sector and how the act will impact legislative efforts elsewhere.

Managing Regulatory Obligations Through an Integrated Governance Operation
Managing the AI life cycle can be a daunting prospect for any enterprise. This panel will provide a blueprint for managing the AI life cycle in a structured, methodical and responsible way with practical tips from professionals who manage these processes on a daily basis.

Implementing Generative AI Risk Frameworks in Practice: Lessons from the EU & US
Learn from multiple stakeholder insights about transparency and disclosure for synthetic content, including emerging best practices in detection and authentication. Receive early access to insights from the Open Loop US program and hear about its affect on the EU AI Act.

Wild Horses: Can We Tame Disinformation in 2024?
In this globally significant election year, the rapid uptake in use of Generative AI is raising key questions by governments, citizens, and media about how disinformation will impact democratic processes, let alone results. Learn about “watermarking” and other technology-based techniques for identifying and combatting disinformation.

Build your connections and share your challenges

We offer a number of opportunities during the conference to grow your network of allies and trusted confidants while asking questions, sharing challenges, solutions and best practices.


This year, AI Governance Global will be held at the Square Brussels Convention Centre in the city’s Mont des Arts, giving you a great vantage point for Brussels’ rich history and architecture, along with the latest developments in AI governance.

SQUARE – Brussels Convention Centre
Glass Entrance
Rue Mont des Arts
B-1000 Brussels
Tel: +32 02 515 1300

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