Enhance your knowledge of AI governance principles

AI. Everyone is talking about it. Writing about it. Spending billions on it. But who is minding the store? Developing and implementing ethical and responsible AI practices to keep this technology in line as it becomes more powerful and invasive is crucial.

Take your leadership to a new level by attending AI Governance Global, an IAPP event in Boston this 31 October-3 November. As a not-for-profit institution with a 23-year history of providing guidance and resources on privacy and data protection issues, the IAPP is ideally positioned to ensure stakeholders have a clear understanding of how to use AI governance.

You will learn from AI expert keynotes, network with like-minded professionals and share ideas and challenges that arise when looking for the best ways to implement and deploy AI systems in ways we can trust.

Keynote speakers

Rt Hon Dame Jacinda Ardern

Special Envoy for the Christchurch Call and former Prime Minister of New Zealand

The Christchurch Call is built on a community of governments, tech companies, and civil society, together seeking to eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content online and uphold human rights and the principle of a free, open and secure internet. Drawing on Christchurch Call’s approach, lessons learned, and the tools it has developed so far, we can address the challenges of today and the future.

Jane Friedman

Publisher and Editor, The Hot Sheet

Jane Friedman has seen it all in her 25 years in the publishing industry, including the dawning of the digital age and how it is transforming creative work and intellectual property. Jane speaks on the perils AI presents to authors and other creatives, but also on the new models the internet era offers that can allow both art and business to flourish.

Kevin Roose

Bestselling Author of “Futureproof,” Award-Winning Technology Columnist, The New York Times

Artificial intelligence is leaping out of research labs and into the center of our lives. No one understands this better than New York Times technology columnist Kevin Roose, who writes and podcasts about the technologies that influence our lives, culture and society. Roose’s hopeful, pragmatic vision of how humans can thrive in the machine age, one he lays out in his recent book “Futureproof: 9 Rules for Humans in the Age of Automation,” is not to be missed.

Jonathan Zittrain

Harvard Law School Professor; Co-founder, Faculty Director, Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society

An expert on the Internet, digital technology, law and public policy, Jonathan Zittrain’s most recent work has focused on what digital tech is doing to us and what we should do about it – specifically the governance of AI and the incentives that shape major social media platforms. Hear his latest thoughts and insights on our keynote stage.


Keynote panel

Moderator: Jennifer Strong

Pulitzer Fellow for AI Accountability and Host of SHIFT Podcast

Julie Brill

Chief Privacy Officer, Corporate Vice President, Global Privacy and Regulatory Affairs, Microsoft

Keith Enright

Global Chief Privacy Officer, Google

Christina Montgomery

Chief Privacy and Trust Officer, IBM

Rob Sherman

Vice President and Deputy Chief Privacy Officer, Policy, Meta

Join technology thought leaders and senior executives from major tech companies to learn about their innovative approaches to AI governance. Each panelist will share their perspective on the emerging role of this multidisciplinary field and offer their ideas on how to build safe, secure, trustworthy AI and innovation systems that protect privacy.

Here are just a few of the compelling breakout sessions you can look forward to seeing in Boston

Practical AI Governance: Bringing Responsible AI to Life for Engineers and Data Scientists
This session will discuss practical steps to establish the basic framework of an AI governance program and how to develop meaningful internal requirements that business and engineering teams can actively employ in their day-to-day activities.

Can Generative AI Survive the GDPR?
Gain an understanding of the existing EU data protection and privacy rules governing Generative AI during this session that will also provide a deep analysis of whether the “legitimate interest” legal basis could be used to justify training LLMs with personal data and how the potential governance of Generative AI is being shaped in the context of regional and global regulations.

What is Next for AI Accountability: From Policy to Practice
This session will explore key themes and nuances that emerged in the National Telecommunications and Information Administration report; what is working (and what is not) with AI accountability mechanisms within industry and government; and how AI governance professionals can work to show progress in embracing policy, regulatory and ecosystem developments.


AI Fairness Testing: Making It Work in the Real World
In this panel, we bring together practitioners from tech companies, academics, regulators and third-party auditors to provide an overview of how fairness testing works (or should work) today.


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