White Paper – The Skill Set Needed to Implement the NIST Privacy Framework

Published: August 2020

To offer insight into the professional skill set needed to implement the NIST Privacy Framework, the International Association of Privacy Professionals’ Westin Research Center mapped the Privacy Framework’s Core to the Body of Knowledge for a Certified Information Privacy Manager. This body of knowledge was created by the IAPP’s certification advisory board to reflect the skill set and knowledge required by a privacy professional working in the field. It is annually updated, as required by IAPP’s ANSI accreditation, through a formal process to determine what professionals in the field are currently doing, under what conditions, and with what levels of knowledge and skill. The IAPP’s CIPM certification is then updated to align with this body of knowledge. The CIPM Body of Knowledge was updated June 1, 2020, and this document reflects the current version.

Credits: 2

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