Privacy 2030: A New Vision for Europe

Published: November 2019

Prior to his untimely death earlier this year, former European Data Protection Supervisor Giovanni Buttarelli shared his vision with friend, colleague and ally, Christian D'Cunha, who documents his thinking in "Privacy 2030: A Vision for Europe." The document includes an extensive afterword from a selection of notable thought leaders in the space, including the Electronic Privacy Information Center's Marc Rotenberg, writer Maria Farrell, the Future of Privacy Forum's Jules Polonetsky, CIPP/US, Harvard University's Malavika Jayaram, Panetta & Associati's Rocco Panetta, author Shoshana Zuboff, as well as an introduction from the IAPP's Omer Tene. Though the document "does not necessarily reflect the official view of the EDPS," D'Cunha writes, it "aims to plot a plausible trajectory of his most passionate convictions."