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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs allow employees to use their own tech devices to stay connected to, access data from, or complete tasks for their organizations. While BYOD programs reportedly result in increased employee productivity and job satisfaction, they also bring privacy and security challenges. Learn more about it in this practice guide from the Westin Research Center. Read More

Staff Mobile Phone Policy

This policy from Harvard University offers one example of a a BYOD policy, including eligibility requirements, stipends and responsibilities of the employee to protect institutional data, backing up data and more. Read Now (PDF 258K)... Read More

BYOD Issue Checklist

This handout from the 2013 Privacy Academy Session Three Keys to Mastering BYOD offers a list of things organizations should take into account when considering a Bring Your Own Device program. Read Now (PDF 368K)... Read More

Prudence the Privacy Pro Vol. 2 No. 7

Who's got access to your data? Prudence is here to make sure you know, and make sure you audit them! If you would like to download a pdf copy to print out and hang somewhere in your office, click here. ... Read More

The HIPAA Security Series

The security series of papers provides guidance from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services on the HIPAA Security Rule. The papers cover seven topics including, Security 101 for Covered Entities; Security Standards—Administrative Safeguards; Security Standards—Physical Safeguards; Security Standards—Technical Safeguards; Security Standards—Policies, and Procedures, And Documentation Requirements; Basics of Risk Analysis and Risk Management, and Implementation for the Small Provider. Re... Read More