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The Digital Defenders v. the Data Intruders

This comic-book style booklet from European civil and human rights organization EDRi aims to educate kids in online privacy using a cast of illustrated superheroes, the Digital Defenders. The Defenders fight the Data Intruders while teaching kids about appropriate use of social media, smart phones, safe internet surfing, passwords and more.Read Now (PDF 9M)... Read More

Building a Privacy Program from Ground Zero

Have you been charged with building a privacy program from scratch with few or no resources? If so, you’re not alone. But fear not; it can be done! Join us for this very practical presentation from two seasoned veterans and learn not only what you need to do to get started but also how to prioritize your checklist. You’ll hear about how to identify the people, processes and technologies you need to accomplish your goals when given a very limited budget to work with and what the most important fi... Read More

Data Breach Response: A Guide for Business

This guide from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission addresses the steps to take and whom should you contact if personal information may have been exposed in a data breach. Although the answers vary from case to case, this guidance aims to help you make smart, sound decisions. Read Now (PDF 313K) Access complementary video here.... Read More

Data Breach Response Video

This video from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission offers steps for protecting your company, preventing additional damage and helping affected employees, customers and partners reduce risk. View Now (2:43) Access complementary guide here. ... Read More

Start with Security: A Guide for Business

This paper from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission offers 10 lessons learned from the more than 50 law enforcement actions it has announced so far. The lessons touch on vulnerabilities that could affect your company, along with practical guidance on how to reduce the risks they pose.Read Now (PDF 427K)... Read More

Prudence the Privacy Pro Vol. 3 No. 7

Looks like evil mastermind Voleur may not have mastered appropriate collection of location data ... Unfortunately for him, Prudence is on the beat! If you would like to download a pdf copy to print out and hang somewhere in your office, click here. ... Read More

Measuring—and Proving!—Privacy's Business Value

How do we prove compliance — prove to a regulator or a CEO that privacy is in good shape? Find out from three seasoned professionals as they discuss the process of identifying the right privacy metrics and guide you through developing a scorecard for internal and external, e.g., regulatory, consumption. This best-of reprise from one of our most popular live conference sessions will provide you with the practical knowledge you need to either begin or enhance already-existing systems and process... Read More

Defensive Driving: How To Keep PIAs on the Road

In the blink of eye, you could have an accident. You’re behind the wheel, and everything seems to be going fine, but you’ve been driving for a long time and you don’t seem to be getting anywhere. Is there anything worse than working on a privacy impact assessment (PIA) that seems to be going nowhere at an agonizingly slow speed? Then, all of a sudden, you’ve hit an ice patch and lost control! Wheeoo! Wheeoo! Wheeoo! Here comes your boss to investigate the scene and just as you imagined would hap... Read More