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This cheat sheet highlights some of the key and need-to-know proposals in the draft APRA.
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Global Privacy Law and DPA Directory

This tool identifies global data protection authorities and privacy legislation. Within each country listing, if available, there will be links to the DPA, privacy legislation and relevant IAPP resources.
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EU AI Act: 101

This chart provides an overview of the EU AI Act, which lays down down a comprehensive legal framework for the development, marketing and use of AI in the EU in conformity with EU values.
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Global AI Law and Policy Tracker

This tracker identifies AI legislative and policy developments in a subset of jurisdictions.
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Featured Reports and Resource Articles

This article analyzes the laws, policies, and broader contextual history and developments relevant to AI governance in five jurisdictions: Singapore, Canada, the U.K., the U.S. and the EU.
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IAPP Privacy Tech Vendor Report

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