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Engineering Privacy by Design Reloaded

In this paper, Seda Gürses, Princeton University; Carmela Troncoso, Gradiant; and Claudia Diaz, COSIC/iMinds, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, KU Leuven, summarize their initial conceptualization  of how experts apply data minimization strategies. Specifically, based on a study of existing privacy preserving systems, they first elaborate on the design strategies hidden behind the term data minimization, offering a preliminary description of the activities that a privacy engineer performs to appl... Read More

Top 10 operational responses to the GDPR

In 2016, the Westin Research Center published a series of articles identifying our analysis of the top 10 operational impacts of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Now, with the May 25, 2018, GDPR-implementation deadline looming, the IAPP is releasing a companion series to present common practical organizational responses that our members report undertaking in anticipation of GDPR implementation. Part 1: Data inventory and mappingBy Rita Heimes, CIPP/E, CIPP/US, CIPM Part 2: Lawful bas... Read More

Derogations and special conditions

Bird & Bird offers an overview of special conditions in the EU General Data Protection Regulation, where member states may (or are required to) implement supplemental laws. The guidance also includes a check list to help controllers ensure compliance.Read Now (PDF 163KB)... Read More

The NIS Guidance Collection

The National Cybersecurity Centre has compiled four documents that make up its guidance on the NIS Directive. They include an Introduction to the NIS Directive, NIS Directive: Top-level objectives, Table view of principles and related guidance, and a Cyber-Assessment Framework (available April 2018).Access Guidance... Read More

How can you disrupt risk in an era of digital transformation?

EY's report on its latest Global Forensic Data Analytics Survey analyzes the responses of some 745 executives globally who generously shared their perspectives. The analysis offers insight on specific ways in which companies can measurably improve their legal, compliance and fraud risk programs, as well as the maturity level of their FDA capabilities. Read Now (PDF 2.8MB)... Read More

2018 Privacy Maturity Benchmark Study

In this study, Cisco shares insights on how data privacy concerns are impacting the buying cycle. The study was created in conjunction with Cisco’s Annual Cybersecurity Benchmark Study. The privacy-specific questions included the makeup of privacy teams, maturity level of privacy processes, and the impact (if any) experienced related to delays in the sales cycle due to customer data privacy concerns.Read Now (PDF 1.9MB)... Read More