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The IAPP develops, maintains and houses a variety of tools to help members keep up with the rapid developments in privacy and their impact on business and the profession, from global privacy legislation comparisons to enforcement trackers to directories and glossaries.

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The IAPP publishes original content on topics that are top of mind for those working in or closely following privacy today. Our expert guidance comes in a variety of formats, including white papers, reports, surveys, infographics, web conferences, podcasts and videos.

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Web Conference: Private Sector vs. Public Sector Privacy: How Different Are They Really?

Original broadcast date: April 12, 2021  How do different legal regimes and authorities such as the California Consumer Privacy Act, General Data Protection Regulation, “Schrems” court rulings, and the patchwork of U.S. federal laws impact private and public sectors as they balance the need to conduct their missions while protecting privacy and civil liberties? This is your opportunity to hear panelists from privacy offices across the private sector and the federal government discuss what privacy compliance looks like, the laws and policies considered, plus best practices and lessons learned in privacy programs as they continue to expand and navigate compliance and legal regimes in the rapidly evolving age of big data, AI/ML and data governance. Read More

Web Conference: Privacy Incident Benchmarking and KPIs: Data to Drive Operational Excellence

Original broadcast date: April 7, 2021  In this privacy education web conference, cross-industry experts will discuss which KPIs are most critical to driving best practices for operational excellence in your privacy incident response program. They will also highlight key findings from the weekly Privacy by the Numbers newsletter, as well as the "2021 Privacy Incident Benchmark Report," which establishes unique industry-specific incident and breach benchmarking metrics. Tracking these KPIs and benchmarks will help you gauge the effectiveness of your incident response program, identify trends, demonstrate return on investment and reduce organization risks. Read More

Web Conference: Advancing Data-Driven Health Research and Innovation Responsibly

Original broadcast date: April 7, 2021  Despite a common misconception, privacy and healthcare research (including innovation) are not polarizing forces. Join privacy experts from the life sciences and healthcare field as they discuss how data is really used in research and development. You will hear their views on bridging the perceived gap between healthcare research and privacy, and how to apply those ideas to current challenges, such as innovating responses to COVID-19. The panel will also discuss types of research, what makes data use in drug development and medtech different from other industries, effective anonymization/deidentification, lawful data use and how to build public trust within the industry. Read More

Web Conference: The Ethics of Leveraging Data to Improve Diversity and Inclusion

Original broadcast date: April 6, 2021  This panel, led by diversity and inclusion champions and privacy pros throughout various industry verticals will walk the audience through ethical ways to encourage and track diversity in the workplace and how tracking this personal data creates a stronger workplace. They will address topics such as tracking diversity with those who do not wish to self-identify, who has access to diversity data, and the most ethical way to keep and store data relating to diversity information. The audience will walk away from this panel with a stronger understanding of how to leverage diversity data to improve, but not exploit employees as they create a stronger, more representative workforce. Read More

Web Conference: Data Ethics and Marketing: Applying a Design Thinking Approach

Original broadcast date: 2 April 2021  Today, the consumers’ perception and understanding of value has become more and more elaborate. Creating value for the consumer means creating products and services that are safe, sustainable, ethical and embed privacy. In this session, you will learn how to apply a design-thinking approach. See how it can help us empathize with consumers and understand how to create more ethical products and services in light of new technologies and through cross-functional teamwork. Read More

Web Conference: Pandemics, Panic and Privacy: Lessons Learnt this Year

Original broadcast date: April 1, 2021  Is a pandemic reason enough to roll out surveillance? Our panel is ready to answer your burning questions regarding the impact COVID-19 is having on privacy. Join us to explore how health companies are processing sensitive data and how telemedicine is shaping the future. We will cover how businesses have handled additional sensitive data during this crisis (including article 9(h) and (g) of the GDPR) and debate what is safe and what is intrusive. This interactive session includes a travel industry test case and firsthand account from the insurance sector. We will analyze what impact COVID-19 has had on companies from a business, employment and cybersecurity perspective. Read More

Web Conference: Ethic-tive Immediately: Building Trust by Handling Data Ethically

Original broadcast date: March 31, 2021  Promoting a culture of trust that strengthens your brand both internally and externally is no easy feat. Identifying, monitoring and mitigating risk across your business and third parties, as well as creating policies, procedures, and codes of conduct across different stakeholders and business units requires ethics to be central to an organization's practices. In this session, we will discuss the practicalities of building an ethics and compliance program, plus examine key issues around whistleblowing, third party due diligence, data risk management and awareness training. Read More

Web Conference: The Privacy Challenges for Retailers 4.0

Original broadcast date: 31 March 2021  In our ever-changing ecosystem, global retailers must face a myriad of privacy and data protection challenges. This session, featuring experts from prominent global retailers, will give you a better understanding of these challenges, including: defining roles and responsibilities within multinational organizations, managing complex data processing operations at a central and local level (e.g. sales operations, marketing, loyalty programs, customer care, etc.), and tackling the privacy problems connected with the digital transformation of traditional stores into ‘phygital’ stores. Hear first-hand accounts of how global retailers manage trans-border data flows in compliance with the GDPR and a growing number of extra EU privacy laws. Read More