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Web Conference: U.K. Data Protection Post-Brexit

In this educational web conference, originally broadcast in February 2019, U.K. privacy specialists Ruth Boardman and John Bowman will explain what 'the U.K. GDPR' will mean for you and what transitional arrangements may be expected.More Information... Read More

Privacy Principles for Facial-Recognition Technology in Commercial Applications

This report, published by the Future of Privacy Forum, outlines seven principles providing key protections that serve as part of the framework for collecting and ensuing use of facial-recognition data in commercial applications: Consent, Use-Respect for Context, Transparency, Data Security, Privacy by Design, Integrity & Access, and Accountability.View Now (3.1 MB)... Read More

Data and the Connected Car

This infographic, published by the Future of Privacy Forum, displays devices that many of today's cars contain that collect and process data, along with the dataflow and destinations of this data.View Now (226 KB)... Read More