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How and Why to Create Data Destruction Policies

This ComputerWorld article offers insight on why companies need document destruction policies, things to take into consideration when writing one and follow-up processes for making sure destruction policies are being followed. Read Now... Read More

Privacy Guidelines: Monitoring and Personal Data Privacy at Work

The Hong Kong Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data offers these guidelines on to provide guidance to employers on the steps they can take in assessing whether employee monitoring is appropriate for their business, and where it is deemed appropriate, how they can develop privacy compliant practices in the management of personal data obtained from employee monitoring. Read Now (PDF 221K)... Read More

International Employee Network and Internet Usage and Monitoring Policy

This sample policy form from the Association of Corporate Counsel uses a fictitious company to set out rules that all personnel must follow when using a company network and/or the Internet from any company computer, which includes usage of both the World Wide Web and the company’s internal intranet systems. Read Now (.doc)... Read More

Acceptable Use Policy: Cloud Computing

This health care-specific policy from Healthcare Information Management Systems Society is intended as a template to help an organization craft a cloud computing acceptable use policy. Read Now (PDF 42K)... Read More

Cloud Computing Policy: Loyola University Chicago

Loyola University’s cloud computing policy states as its purpose, “to ensure that Loyola Protected or Loyola Sensitive data is not inappropriately stored or shared using public cloud computing and/or file sharing services.” Read Now... Read More

EU Data Protection Directive

This pdf contains the full text of the EU Data Protection Directive as agreed upon on December 15, 2015, by the European Parliament and Council at the culmination of the Trilogue process. Read More