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Series: How I got my start in privacy

In this series for The Privacy Advisor, we ask privacy professionals who've been in the field for at least a few years to describe how they got their starts. The series aims to help new privacy professionals gain insights and ideas on how they might jumpstart their own careers. Kirk Nahra, CIPP/US, partner at Wiley ReinAs a career, privacy came quite logically but completely accidentally for me. Like everyone of my vintage, privacy was not something a lawyer thought about as a career. It really... Read More

Schrems 2.0: Expert Testimony

On this page, the International Association of Privacy Professionals is pleased to publish testimony from a potentially landmark case currently before the High Court of Ireland. The current case follows the 2015 decision by the Court of Justice of the European Union in Schrems v. Facebook, in which the CJEU struck down the EU-U.S. Safe Harbor. The current case was also brought by Austrian lawyer Max Schrems against Facebook, this time challenging the adequacy of protection for personal data tran... Read More

GDPR Tracker

Bird & Bird’s GDPR Tracker shows how and where the GDPR has been supplemented locally, highlighting where member states have taken the opportunities available in the law for national variation. Access Tracker... Read More

Algorithm Anti-Discrimination Tool

This interactive tool from the Center for Democracy & Technology offers insight on questions to ask throughout the design, build, test and implementation of an algorithm to help prevent bias and discrimination within it. Access Tool... Read More

The legal risks for the DPO

While the role of data protection officer has come into the spotlight given the impending General Data Protection Regulation in the EU, with that prominence may come personal liability. As the titular head of the data protection and privacy program, the DPO may be interpreted as the final decision maker surrounding the use of personal data, and in some jurisdictions that role can come with personal civil and criminal liability. In this white paper overview, IAPP Legal Extern Carissa Hanratty, CI... Read More

Nationwide Specialty Consumer Reporting Agency

A consumer reporting agency that compiles information about consumers on a nationwide basis related to (1) medical records or payments; (2) residential or tenant history; (3) check writing history; (4) employment history; or (5) insurance claims.... Read More

Nationwide Consumer Reporting Agency

A consumer reporting agency that regularly assembles, evaluates, and maintains consumer files on consumers who reside nationwide using public record information and “credit account information from persons who furnish that information regularly and in the ordinary course of business.” Such agencies compile such information to create and disseminate reports about consumer credit worthiness, credit standing, or credit capacity.... Read More