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Prudence the Privacy Pro Vol. 3 No. 4

With all this data at your fingertips, sometimes it's hard to do the right thing. But Pru's here to help you remember: Just because you can doesn't mean you should. If you would like to download a pdf copy to print out and hang somewhere in your office, click here.    ... Read More

Global Guide to Data Breach Notifications 2016

This guide from World Law Group provides information organizations need to know when facing a data breach in one or more countries. Produced by the WLG's Privacy & Data Protection Group, it provides summaries of relevant law, data breach reporting requirements, contact information for relevant data protection authorities and more for 60 countries.Read Now (PDF 8.3M)... Read More

Puerto Rico's Act No. 38, separating PII from payment

On May 3, 2016, Puerto Rico enacted Act No. 38, making it unlawful for any commercial establishment doing business in Puerto Rico to request or collect personal information in order to satisfy payment of a transaction (purchase), regardless of the method of payment chosen by the consumer (credit card or debit card). This is a summary of the act, in Spanish.Read Now (PDF 236K)... Read More

Baker & McKenzie Global Privacy Handbook 2016

This online version of the Baker & McKenzie Global Privacy Handbook offers the ability for users to search for and compare a number of topics and jurisdictions within the privacy realm. There is also a link to a PDF version on the page.Read Now... Read More

Sample Data Protection Policy Template

This template from IT Donut serves as a starting point for organizations creating a data protection policy. The word doc format offers the ability for organizations to add, remove or change information to suit its needs.Read Now (.doc)... Read More

Storing and transferring work data policy

This template from IT Manager Daily serves as a starting point for organizations working on a set of rules and best practices for how users can transfer sensitive information without letting it fall into the wrong hands. Read Now... Read More

Enterprise Access Control Policy Template

This template from Maricopa County, AZ, aims to help organizations manage risks from user account management, access enforcement and monitoring, separation of duties, and remote access through the establishment of an Access Control program. Read Now (.doc)... Read More

Information Systems Access Policy

This policy template from the Association of Washington Public Hospital Districts aims to provide users with a policy to protect data and information systems from unauthorized access. Read Now (PDF 15K)... Read More

Data Access Policy

This policy from Northwestern University lays out the purpose for the policy as well as classifications of data and who has access to each data class. Read Now... Read More