This chart is part of a series providing an overview of new EU legislation adopted under the European Union's Strategy for Data. The full series can be accessed here.

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Members of the European Parliament voted in favor of the draft EU AI Act 13 March. The EU AI Act is now set to enter into force in the coming weeks, following the completion of final procedural and linguistic checks. The act's implementation will be hugely important and consequential to the governance of AI in the EU and across the world. Organizations developing and deploying AI will need to understand and put its new obligations into practice. The work for AI governance professionals begins now.

This chart shows some of the AI Act's most important features and requirements, based on the official draft released and unanimously approved by representatives of the Council of the EU. It will be updated as and when the act enters into force.

European Strategy for Data – Overview of New Regulations
This is a multipart series intended to provide privacy professionals with an overview of new EU legislation adopted since May 2022 under the European Union’s Strategy for Data. Each brief will depict a legislation’s objective, material and territorial scope, main requirements, enforcement, and oversight structure.
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