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Efforts to pass U.S. privacy legislation at the federal level have been ongoing for years, with dozens of privacy-related bills working their way through the halls of Congress. Numerous legislators from across the aisle have worked together on legislation addressing all facets of privacy, including individual rights and business obligations, special protections for sensitive information and access, records by law enforcement, and emerging technologies, such as facial recognition and artificial intelligence.

The IAPP Research and Insights team tracks and organizes the privacy-related bills proposed in Congress to keep our members informed of developments within the federal privacy landscape. The tracker includes proposed legislation organized by topic and summarizes the key parts of each bill to shed light on the most impactful provisions. The tracker also illustrates which bills would preempt state law or enable enforcement of a private right of action, two of the most contentious and closely watched issues within the federal privacy law debate. Each bill is color-coded based on the party affiliation of its sponsors and cosponsors.

The tracker is organized by the topics of consumer and individual privacy, health privacy, financial privacy, children's and educational privacy, Federal Trade Commission authority and enforcement, and government restrictions and obligations.

The Westin Research Center will periodically update this table. If you are aware of a proposed federal bill that is absent from our list, please share it with us at