PrivTech Talks: Emerging privacy-enhancing technologies

Original broadcast date: May 4, 2023

In this LinkedIn Live, we discuss the development and evolution of privacy-enhancing technologies by examining the current state of various types of PETs, including the benefits they provide and their limitations. Our speakers, the Royal Society Senior Policy Advisor and University of Cambridge Centre for Science and Policy Fellow June Brawner, Ph.D, Tumult Labs Staff Scientist Damien Desfontaines, KU Leuven professor, COSIC, and Zama Chief Academic Officer Nigel Smart, Ph.D, and moderator IAPP Principal Researcher, Technology, Katharina Koerner, CIPP/US, focus on the maturity of PETs, explore proofs on concept and resources for their implementation, and assess which PETs are ready to being used in production. Watch the full recording on LinkedIn.

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