PrivTech Talks: Privacy tech in health care and medical research

Original broadcast date: March 30, 2023

Join us in this LinkedIn Live as we dive into various privacy-enhancing technologies and how they can enable gaining insights from data that is not shared, such as in federated learning or multiparty computation, from data that stays encrypted while being computed upon, like homomorphic encryption, or is only mimicking the patterns of the original information, such as in synthetic data. Canada Research Chair in Medical Artificial Intelligence and University of Ottawa School of Epidemiology and Public Health professor and Replica Analytics co-founder Khaled El Emam, Duality Chief Scientist and co-founder and Director of the Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing, professor at MIT, Shafi Goldwasser, and DeepMind Senior Research Scientist and OpenMinded Leader Andrew Trask will share use cases, explain the benefits and state-of-the-art tools available for better privacy and IP protection while supporting trust, and collaboration in health care and medical research. Watch the full recording on LinkedIn.

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