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The creation of the IAPP Privacy Engineering Section recognizes the sizable growth of the IT and privacy engineering fields within our member community. Similar to the IAPP Privacy Bar Section, the Privacy Engineering Section will grow to offer a range of programs, events, content and networking opportunities through which privacy pros working in IT and related fields can connect and advance.

Read about the inaugural Privacy Engineering Section Forum held on March 29, 2018 which gathered like-minded professionals for an information-packed half day of targeted programming and networking. Stay tuned for more information on events being planned for upcoming IAPP conferences.

This inaugural forum was designed by the IAPP Privacy Engineering Section Advisory Board, comprised of academics, government and industry experts in privacy engineering and technology. At this early stage, the Advisory Board members will help develop the section itself, providing strategic input and driving content for its programs and activities. See all advisory boards.

Hear From a 2018 Privacy Engineering Section Forum Speaker

How Lea Kissner ensures user privacy at Google

Lea Kissner, Google’s principal engineer and head of the company’s Nightwatch division, is profiled in an article for Gizmodo. Tasked with ensuring Google products protect the privacy of their users, Kissner heads a team of 90 employees in charge of reviewing potential privacy flaws. Speaking on the diversity of her
team, Kissner said, “I think it’s incredibly important to have a lot of different ideas when you are designing security and privacy,” adding, “You are taking care of the incredibly diverse set of people in the world and it’s hard to understand what they need and take care of that unless you have voices from all different backgrounds and skill sets.” Editor’s Note: Jedidiah Bracy, CIPP, recently attended a Privacy Engineering Section event where Kissner spoke.

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IAPP Europe Data Protection Intensive 2018

Regulatory Obligations - Engineering Requirements Thursday, 19 April 16:00 Registration is open!

IAPP Canada Privacy Symposium 2018

Operationalize PbD Through Privacy Engineering and Quality Assurance Friday, May 25 12 p.m. Registration is open!


Annie Antón

IAPP Privacy Engineering Section


Welcome from the Chair
With the growth of IT and privacy engineering fields within the IAPP member community, we believe the moment is right to offer a professional community for privacy professionals working in these disciplines. Many organizations today have dedicated roles for IT within products and services. Broadly, these professionals are translating policy and privacy standards into IT environments. Some are working on privacy enhancing technologies. Others are working in the burgeoning field of privacy management technologies. The common thread amongst all of them is the connection of privacy and technology.

Thus, we are pleased to announce that the IAPP is launching the Privacy Engineering Section. Similar to the IAPP Privacy Bar Section, The IAPP Privacy Engineering Section will grow to offer a range of programs, events, content and networking opportunities through which privacy pros working in IT and related fields can connect and advance.

I encourage anyone interested in the connection between privacy and technology to engage in this new initiative. As you know, the IAPP has provided amazing opportunities for professional growth for all privacy professionals. This new, focused division promises great opportunities, and I welcome you, your friends and your colleagues to participate.

Annie Antón, Chair

Advisory Board

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Guiding the Privacy Engineering Section, the Advisory Board represents a diverse group of leaders with a broad range of privacy engineering expertise.

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