Consumer Privacy Notice Template

Published: June 2018Click To View (PDF)

This template website privacy notice, produced and maintained by Docular Limited, is designed to be customizable and can help controllers to comply with the transparency requirements of the GDPR – in both its EU and post-Brexit UK forms - in relation to personal data collected through websites. It may be used with respect to both website visitors and individuals using website-based services.

The notice is organized around general categories of personal data, such as account data and customer relationship data. With respect to each category of data, controllers will need to identify the purpose or purposes for which the data are being processed, and specify a legal basis of processing. In some cases, they will also need to identify the source of the data and the specific categories data being processed.

In addition to this basic information, the website privacy notice includes sections dealing with:

  • The persons to whom data are transferred or disclosed.
  • Transfers of personal data to third countries.
  • Time periods for the retention and deletion of personal data.
  • The process by which the notice itself may be amended.
  • Data subject rights.
  • Cookies.