This resource is part of a series of country-specific privacy and consumer trust infographics. The full series can be accessed here.

Published: April 2023Click To View (PDF)

The companies doing privacy best are rewarded with an invaluable commodity in today’s marketplace: consumer trust.

Drawing from the IAPP’s Privacy and Consumer Trust Report, this at-a-glance infographic presents key data points from the IAPP’s first study of how consumers’ privacy perceptions affect their trust in companies that collect and process their personal data. This infographic provides a high-level overview of the report’s impactful figures and meaningful statistics, including how many consumers are concerned about their online privacy, how well they understand what companies do to protect their personal data and how many remain loyal to a company following a data breach. The data for the infographic comes from responses and insights from nearly 5,000 consumers in 19 countries around the world.

Countries At-a-Glance: Privacy and Consumer Trust
This infographic series provides insight into the privacy perceptions and behaviors of people in the 19 countries surveyed in the IAPP Privacy and Consumer Trust Report.
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