CCPA Amendment Tracker

There has been a flurry of state-level legislative activity in 2019 leading up to the implementation of the California Consumer Privacy Act Jan. 1, 2020. More than a dozen amendments addressing various parts of the comprehensive state law have surfaced in the California Legislature this year. To help keep track of all this activity, the IAPP has put together the "CCPA Amendment Tracker." The grid includes the bill number, a brief summary of the amendment, subject, lead author, status, and last legislative action. Notably, Sept. 13 was the last day the California Legislature could update any amendments, and Oct. 13 will be the final day for the governor to sign or veto the amendments.

Future of Privacy Forum Fellows Michelle Bae and Jeremy Greenberg have also written about and included a summary of the 12 bills that made it through the assembly and an analysis of two bills that failed in the Senate.