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The Power of Privacy

Join psychologist and journalist Aleks Krotoski as she "travels the world to undergo challenges that will explore our digital life in the 21st century" in this documentary from The Guardian. "Our relationship to the internet has reached an unprecedented level of connectedness," Krotoski said. "In this new environment, the state of privacy deserves a closer look."  

The law is not enough: Businesses must take care of their own cybersecurity

Businesses  "should not" rely on government defense in the emerging cyber "domain" said former CIA and NSA Director Gen. Michael Hayden at The Wall Street Journal's 2016 CIO Conference.  "The next sound you hear is not going to be the digital bugle, with the digital hoofbeats of the digital cavalry coming over the ridgeline to make everything okay," Hayden said. "Our government will be permanently late to need for your cybersecurity." 



Felton keynotes CMU Privacy Day

Carnegie Mellon University celebrated Data Privacy Day last week with an afternoon of programming keynoted by the White House's Deputy Chief Technology Officer, Ed Felton. In this full video of the event, Felton starts in at the 18-minute mark, speaking to the topic of "Making Privacy Work for Everyone." Following his talk, he sits with CMU Professors Ramayya Krishanan, Alessandro Acquisti, Lorrie Cranor, CIPT (and chief technologist at the FTC), Anupam Datta, and Norman Sadeh, CIPT.

Hong Kong Privacy Commissioner: 'The Internet doesn't forget'

Hong Kong’s Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data Stephen Wong reminds social media users that "the Internet doesn't forget" on Data Privacy Day 2016, urging netizens to be smart online. 

Data Privacy Day Hong Kong

In honor of Data Privacy Day 2016, we caught up with Hong Kong Privacy Commissioner Stephen Wong from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data (Be SMART Online 網上私隱要自保 - PCPD Hong Kong) to get his top privacy tips. Check out the video and learn more about how you can control your privacy on Facebook with our Privacy Basics: https://www.facebook.com/about/basics

Posted by Facebook and Privacy on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Happy (early) Data Privacy Day

Celebrate Data Privacy Day Eve by reminding yourself of the importance of keeping your information protected online. "Your personal information is like money," StaySafe Online1's holiday video said. "Value it. Protect it." 


Fortune Magazine: Cybersecurity has a funding problem

TV show Shark Tank personality and Herjavec Group's Robert Herjavec talks with Fortune Live's Leigh Gallagher about the cybersecurity industry's "consistency of market" and the subsequent start-up funding drought it could find itself in the midst of. 

London Futurists: The future of cybersecurity and cybercrime

Join founder of software and security organization Copper Horse, David Rogers, Franklin Heath Director Craig Heath, and cybercrime researcher Chris Monteiro as they consider what the next five-10 years could bring for cybersecurity and those who would like to disturb it.