Privacy Unbound Archives

Issue No. 86, September/October 2018 (pdf 2.5 MB)

  • PRIVACY COMMUNITY: “Privacy Act's 25th Anniversary - Changes and challenges of the privacy professional” by John Edwards, New Zealand Privacy Commissioner.
  • PRIVACY OPINION: “Our Privacy Act: 30 years and 25 years reflections” by Malcolm Crompton, Anna Johnston, Marie Shroff, Tim McBride and Dr. Paul Roth.
  • PRIVACY COMMUNITY: “The "Tech Conference" circuit: Where are the privacy professionals?” by Alan Mihalic.
  • PRIVACY OPINION: “GDPR is not a regulation” by Dr. Andrey Ivanov.
  • PRIVACY OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT: “Board Talk - Dealing with data privacy and the key data related issues facing boards today” by Kelly Henney and Alisha Malhotra.
  • PRIVACY LAW: “An update on the proposed consumer data right - August 2018” by Peter Leonard.
  • PRIVACY OPINION: “The GDPR starts to bite - Top 5 takeaways from the first enforcement note” by Frith Tweedie and William Fussey.

Issue No. 85, August 2018 (pdf 2.83 MB)

  • PERSONAL PRIVACY: “The expanding definition of personal information” by Katrine Evans.
  • PRIVACY OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT: “Data sharing within government - Data Sharing Frameworks” by Dr. Ian Oppermann.
  • PRIVACY RESEARCH: “An introduction to the Deloitte Australian Privacy Index 2018 - Five questions with David Batch and Tommy Viljoen”.
  • PERSONAL PRIVACY: “Privacy, Trust and my Health Record” by Bernard Robertson-Dunn.
  • CHILDREN'S PRIVACY: “Digital Policy: A new space for harnessing the wisdom of our kids” by Nicole Stephensen.
  • PRIVACY OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT: “GDPR and the Health Care Industry - Consent, erasure and automated decision making” by Jenny Wills.
  • PRIVACY BUSINESS: “The PageUp Data Breach - Employees, Service Providers and The Privacy Act” by Lyn Nicholson.
  • PERSONAL PRIVACY: “AI Algorithms and Personal Information: A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma” by Frith Tweedie.

Issue No. 84, May/June 2018 (pdf 2.07 MB)

  • PRIVACY COMMUNITY: “Privacy Unplugged with Privacy Commissioner John Edwards” by Katherine Gibson.
  • PRIVACY RESEARCH: “NZ office of the Privacy Commissioner's Privacy Trust Mark launch report” by Annabel Fordham.
  • PRIVACY OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT: “Privacy: From principles to practice - How to achieve gold standard - looking back at iappANZ's PAW Panel events” by Georgia Milne & Lyn Nicholson.
  • PRIVACY LAW: “Kiwi business storing data in an Australian "Cloud"? Australian privacy laws may apply” by Frith Tweedie.

Issue No. 83, April 2018 (pdf 2 MB)

  • TRANS-BORDER DATA FLOW: “Air New Zealand and the GDPR” by Shivani Lingham.
  • PRIVACY COMMUNITY: “5 questions about DPOs” by Tim de Souza.
  • PRIVACY LAW: “New Zealand introduces its privacy bill” by Katherine Gibson.
  • PRIVACY-ENHANCING TECHNOLOGY: “Privacy in the age of smart cities” by Nicole Stephensen.
  • PERSONAL PRIVACY: “Opal card privacy case illustrates dangers of over-collection by smart devices” by Anna Johnston.
  • PRIVACY OPINION: “Private Eyes: Parents, schools and the trouble with photos” by Colin Anson-Smith.
  • PRIVACY LAW: “Australia's first data breach notified under the new regime” by Lyn Nicholson.

Issue No. 82, February/March 2018 (pdf 1.59 MB)

  • SECURITY OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT: “Perspectives on Cyber Risk in Australia” by Veronica Scott.
  • PRIVACY LAW: “GDPR and Beyond” by Georgia Milne.
  • PRIVACY BUSINESS: “ACCC issues paper on market power of digital platforms in media and advertising” by David Templeton.
  • PRIVACY LAW: “Australasian implications of vicarious liability for privacy breach” by Olga Ganopolsky.
  • PERSONAL PRIVACY: “Lessons learned from the Strava debacle” by Anna Johnson.
  • PRIVACY OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT: “Practitioner Focus Privacy Pause: Why some organisations are lagging behind” by Nicole Stephensen.

Issue No. 81, December 2017 (pdf 2.16 MB)

  • PRIVACY BUSINESS: “Comprehensive Credit Reporting: Once Illegal, Soon to be compulsory” by Patrick Dwyer.
  • PRIVACY LAW: “Mandatory Data Breach Notification - Our Top Tips, three months out” by Melanie Marks.
  • PRIVACY OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT: “Preventing and responding to data breaches” by Anna Johnson.
  • SECURITY OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT: “Does the Equifax Inc breach have implications for Australian companies?” by Lyn Nicholson.
  • PRIVACY-ENHANCING TECHNOLOGY: “Artificial intelligence in healthcare" by Daimhin Warner.
  • PRIVACY LAW: “Head to Head: The GDPR and the Australian Privacy Principles” by Tim de Sousa & Veronica Scott.

Issue No. 80, November 2017 (pdf 5.32 MB)

  • PRIVACY LAW: “Finding the Line – Understanding the regulatory landscape” by Katherine Gibson.
  • PRIVACY COMMUNITY: “Managing the Future of Privacy” by Christopher Rogers.
  • TRANS-BORDER DATA FLOW: “The EU GDPR – Its effect in Australia and New Zealand and what to do about it?” by Carolyn Lidgerwood.
  • PRIVACY COMMUNITY: “Update from the New Zealand OPC ” by Katherine Gibson.
  • PRIVACY OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT: “Maintaining the line – Facilitating Safe Data Use Through Safe Settings and Ethical Decisions” by Jacqueline Peace.
  • PRIVACY OPINION: “ Why I hijacked Privacy Awareness Week to win hearts, not minds” by Craig Templeton.
  • PERSONAL PRIVACY: “De‐identification practical: what the privacy professional needs to know” by Anna Johnston.
  • SURVEILLANCE: “Ethics of Spyware – What happens when you spy on a thief?” by Marta Ganko.
  • BIG DATA: “ Cool or Creepy?: Navigating a safe path to unlock the power of big data, AI and analytics” by Daimhin Warner.
  • TAG: “Dataveillance and the power of the ABS: Government overreach highlighted by the marriage equality survey” by Anna Johnston.

Issue No. 79, July/August 2017 (pdf 1.74 MB)

  • PRIVACY BUSINESS “Privacy, Information Sharing and Trust in the Health Sector, Oh My!” by Samantha Fitch.
  • PRIVACY LAW: “The EU General Data Protection Regulation and its impact on Australian and New Zealand companies” by Nicola Hermansson.
  • PRIVACY OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT: “Privacy Protective Frameworks and Methodologies for Data Sharing Projects” by Peter Leonard.
  • PRIVACY BUSINESS: “Air New Zealand launches privacy initiatives” by Jacqueline Pearce.
  • PRIVACY OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT: “Health Data Governance: Re-Identification of Health Records” by Simon Lewis.
  • PRIVACY BUSINESS: “Don Juan and Protecting Reputations in an open data economy” by Marta Ganko.

Issue No. 78, May 2017 (pdf 6.94 MB)

  • INFOSECURITY: “Rights, Responsibilities and Roller-Coasters. The Inevitability of a data breach” by Olga Ganopolsky.
  • INFOSECURITY: “Taking a consumer centric approach to a data breach” by Katherine Gibson.
  • PRIVACY OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT: “New Zealand's Social Licence to share data” by Katherine Gibson.
  • PRIVACY RESEARCH: “Trust Starts from Within - Deloitte Privacy Index 2017” by Marta Ganko.
  • ENFORCEMENT: “Upping the Ante: New Actors and the Consequences of breaching New Zealand's Privacy Act 2017 Privacy Week” by Katherine Gibson.
  • PRIVACY OPINION: “Just because you can disclose doesn't mean you should” by Anna Johnston.
  • PRIVACY-ENHANCING TECHNOLOGY: “Blockchain plain and simple” by Stephen Wilson.

Issue No. 77, March/April 2017 (pdf 3.13 MB)

  • ETHICS: “Harmful Digital Communications and Privacy” by Kathryn Dalziel.
  • LOCATION PRIVACY: “Metadata: A world within a world” by Kyle Lees.
  • PERSONAL PRIVACY: “The expanding definition of personal information” by Katrine Evans.

Issue No. 76, January/February 2017 (pdf 4.57 MB)

  • PRIVACY COMMUNITY: “IAPP Certification - C'mon and Get Ahead!" by Christopher Rogers.
  • PRIVACY LAW: “A review of Australian Privacy Commissioner V Telstra Corporation Limited" by Peter Leonard.
  • PRIVACY LAW: “Federal Court Interprets - 'Personal Information' What is it all about people?" by Helen Lauder and Veronica Scott.
  • PRIVACY RESEARCH: “Privacy & Safety Convergence" by Julie Inman Grant.
  • PRIVACY LAW: “Mandatory Data Breach Notification arrives in Australia: A review of the Australian Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Act 2017" by Peter Leonard.
  • PRIVACY COMMUNITY: “Book Review - Weapons of Math Destruction 2016 - Cathy O'Neil, Data Scientist" reviewed by Annelies Moens.

Issue No. 75, November/December 2016 (pdf 5.01 MB)

  • PRIVACY COMMUNITY: “Social License and Pragmatic Tools: How to unlock Public Data” by Anna Johnston.
  • PRIVACY LAW: “GDPR: A middle ground to the de-identification debate” by Helen Lauder.

Issue No. 72, June/July 2016 (pdf 1.05 MB)

  • LOCATION PRIVACY: “Pokémon GO: “The Delusion of Solitude”” by Kyle Lees.
  • PRIVACY OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT: “The Government Chief Privacy Officer (New Zealand):
    Who is he and what does he do? ” by the Office of the GCPO.
  • PRIVACY COMMUNITY: “Update from the OAIC – simple breaches, the price of loyalty, and what does Pikachu know about you?” by Richard O’Neill.
  • PRIVACY-ENHANCING TECHNOLOGY: “Unravelling the mystery of blockchain – Do privacy professionals need to be concerned?” by Annelies Moens.
  • PERSONAL PRIVACY: “Ticked off: pre-checked boxes and privacy” by Carolyn Lidgerwood.
  • INTERNET OF THINGS: “The Internet of Things and the Australian Privacy Landscape” by Alexander Vulkanovski.

Issue No. 71, May/June 2016 (pdf 1.96 MB)

  • PRIVACY OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT: “Trust without Borders ” by Marta Ganko.
  • PERSONAL PRIVACY: “Magic and rocket science: de-identification is the new black ” by Anna Johnston.
  • INTERNET OF THINGS: “Is there hope for privacy in an Internet of things world? ” by Dawn Swan.
  • PRIVACY LAW: ““Intimitatem Post Mortem” Privacy After Death ” by Kyle Lees.
  •  PRIVACY OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT: “Productivity Commission: Privacy 3.0? ” by David Templeton.

Issue No. 70, April/May 2016 (pdf 1.43 MB)

  • INFOSECURITY: “Keeping promises to look after customer information” by Dawn Swan and Katherine Gibson.
  • ENFORCEMENT: “Decision in Hulk Hogan sex tape case places limits on freedom of the press in America” by Tarryn Wood.

Issue No. 69, March/April 2016 (pdf 827 KB)

  • PRIVACY BUSINESS: “Digital Hicks and Ketchup” by David Templeton.
  • PERSONAL PRIVACY: “Please provide me with your customer details – we need these to maintain the law” by Katherine Gibson.
  • PRIVACY OPINION: “It’s Not About Privacy – It’s About Power” by Katryna Dow.
  • PRIVACY OPINION: “Why you might want to become a Jedi Knight for this year’s Census” by Anna Johnston.

Issue No. 68, February/March 2016 (pdf 880 KB)

  • TRANS-BORDER DATA FLOW: “APEC Cross-Border Privacy Rules System: New Report on Stakeholder Views” by Annelies Moens and Malcolm Crompton.
  • SECURITY OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT: “Perspectives on cyber risk: How resilient are you?” by Leah Mooney.
  • LOCATION PRIVACY: “How Stephanie's broken down car is undermining your privacy” by Anna Johnston.
  • PRIVACY BUSINESS: “A Review of Telstra Corporation Limited and Australian Privacy Commissioner” by Peter Leonard.

Issue No. 67, December 2015 (pdf 1.21 MB)

  • PRIVACY COMMUNITY: “Stop the press...current developments in privacy" by Carolyn Lidgerwood.
  • CHILDREN'S PRIVACY: “A ‘Gladiator’ Bill for children: More reforms proposed to Australian privacy laws” by Veronica Scott and Perry Singleton.

Issue No. 66, October/November 2015 (pdf 4.57 MB)

  • PRIVACY LAW: “An undead privacy law: James Rhodes v OPO and others” by Martin Soames.
  • TRANS-BORDER DATA FLOW: “Australia, New Zealand, Safe-Harbour and the Internet” by Alex Webling.
  • SURVEILLANCE: “Creepiness in the eye of the beholder” by Anna Johnston.
  • PRIVACY OPINION: “Life is short. Have an affair” by Melanie Marks.

Issue No. 65, September 2015 (pdf 2.15 MB)

  • PERSONAL PRIVACY: “Bradley Cooper’s taxi ride: a lesson in privacy risk” by Anna Johnston.
  • PRIVACY OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT: “Privacy and data protection in Victoria: Q&A with David Watts”.
  • PRIVACY RESEARCH: "Big Data, Ethics and Privacy in Human Research" by Jodie Mcvernon, Deborah Warr and Assunta Hunter.
  • PRIVACY LAW: “From sex, lies and video tapes to class actions: the hidden world of privacy litigation ” by Emma Hossack.
  • ENFORCEMENT: “True Confessions: international and local developments in mandatory data breach reporting” by Carolyn Lidgerwood.

Issue No. 64, July/August 2015 (pdf 1.97 MB)

  • PRIVACY OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT: “The ACSC signals business and government must move beyond regulatory compliance to address real world cyber threats” by Adrian Wood.
  • PRIVACY BUSINESS: “Comprehensive credit reporting now a step closer as principles look set to be approved” by Tarryn Wood.
  • PERSONAL PRIVACY: “Applying the Hippocratic Oath to patient privacy in an Electronic Age” by Tom Bowden.
  • PERSONAL PRIVACY: “I know it is personal information, but it is publicly available so of course I can use it” by Timothy Pilgrim and Melanie Marks.
  • PRIVACY LAW: “Fishing by subpoena in the rising ocean of communications ‘metadata’: a debate yet to start” by Peter Leonard.

Issue No. 63, June/July 2015 (pdf 755 KB)

  • PRIVACY LAW: “EU data protection reforms - on the home stretch" by Anna von Dietze.
  • PRIVACY RESEARCH: “Transparency is opportunity" by Marta Ganko.
  • PRIVACY LAW: “Case Note from New Zealand: Another large damages award from the Human Rights Review Tribunal: Taylor v Orcon Limited [2015] NZHRRT 15" by Ella Biggs and Steven Li.
  • PRIVACY LAW: “Case Note from Australia: Definition of personal information and metadata: Ben Grubb and Telstra Corporation Limited [2015] AICmr 35 (1 May 2015)" by Olga Ganopolsky.

Issue No. 62, May/June 2015 (pdf 1 MB)

  • PRIVACY OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT: “Data Storage and the Recruitment Process" by Dianne Gilbert.
  • SECURITY OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT: “Cyber risk management, privacy and insurance" by David Gerber and Dr. Mark Wiese.
  • BIG DATA: “Big Data and the Future of Data Protection" by Fred H. Cate.
  • PRIVACY OPINION: “I’m a Privacy Paradox, but companies should not be" by Jennifer Mulvaney.

Issue No. 61, March/April 2015 (pdf 996 KB)

  • PRIVACY LAW: “March 2015 – first anniversary of privacy law reforms” by Timothy Pilgrim.
  • CHILDREN'S PRIVACY: “Privacy and young customers” by David Templeton.
  • PRIVACY LAW: “Privacy rights and social media – the decision in Hammond v Credit Union Baywide” by Ella Biggs.
  • PERSONAL PRIVACY: “Privacy rights and social media – the decision in Hammond v Credit Union Baywide” by Ella Biggs.
  • EMPLOYEE PRIVACY: “The swearing cake case – more than just a damages case” by Katherine Gibson.