Take Two—Employees, Smart Phones and Social Media: Best Practices for Mobile Computing and Social Media Policies

IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2012, Washington, DC

Mobility and social media present enormous challenges and opportunities to employers. In a world where company-issued devices may not keep employees happy and Facebook and Twitter can replace traditional marketing channels, companies must consider the best ways to mitigate privacy and information security risks raised by adopting new usage models for mobile and social media technologies. Well-designed policy documents are among the best tools available, as properly developed policies can mitigate risks through recognition of legal and compliance issues and by addressing the privacy gap that can exist between employers’ and employees’ perceptions of privacy and control over personal mobile devices and social media used for business purposes. Join this interactive discussion on mobile computing and social media policy best practices, with a focus on location-based services and other key challenges.

John Heitmann, CIPP/US, Partner, Kelley Drye & Warren, LLP