Meeting the Challenges of Privacy, Security and Compliance in the Cloud: Microsoft video series

Conference: P.S.R. 2016

The dramatic growth in the use of cloud computing services by enterprises of all sizes and industries has created new challenges for corporate privacy and security officers. The economic and strategic benefits of the cloud are too great to forego. However, entrusting critical applications and sensitive data to third-party services requires careful review of vendor compliance with laws, regulations and standards. Balancing the benefits of the cloud with the fundamental requirements of privacy and security demands sustained attention from both sides. In this P.S.R. 2016 session, experts take an in-depth look at what it will take to build the necessary foundation of trust between user enterprises and their cloud service providers. 

Part 1: Brendon Lynch, CIPP/US, Microsoft 

Part 2: Doug Miller, Milltech Consulting

Part 3: Gregg Brown, Corporate Standards Group

Part 4: Jenner Holden, Taser