Global Data Review Insight Handbook 2020

This handbook, published by Global Data Review, provides research and insight into the global framework of data legislation and how businesses navigate through the changing landscape. The IAPP has placed links below to the digital download page for the GDR Handbook 2020, as well as links to the regional sections of the handbook.

Chapters of Handbook


Brazil: Privacy

China: Privacy

European Union: Privacy

Germany: Privacy

Japan: Privacy

Mexico: Privacy

Singapore: Privacy

United States: Privacy

Brazil: Cybersecurity

China: Cybersecurity

England & Wales: Cybersecurity

Mexico: Cybersecurity

Singapore: Cybersecurity

United States: Cybersecurity

China: Data Localisation

Data-driven M&A

European Union and United States: Antitrust and Data

United States: Artificial Intelligence

Responding to the GDPR Enforcement regime