Around the Financial Services World in 90 Minutes

2013 IAPP Global Privacy Summit
Join international financial services experts to explore developments around the world and discuss their potential impact on the financial services industry. We’ll review the proposed EU Data Protection Regulation, which would replace the current directive and would establish new standards and requirements for data protection and harmonize privacy laws across the member countries. If implemented, what impact could the provisions have on financial institutions? We’ll focus on provisions surrounding scope, consent, data portability, transfer restrictions and breach notification. And could what happens in the EU have an impact on what happens in the U.S., even though sectors such as financial services are already regulated? We’ll review the Obama administration framework, which calls for a baseline privacy bill of rights that could be implemented through enforceable codes of conduct or legislation. Although the administration does not recommend modifying existing federal statutes, could provisions impact financial services? We’ll focus on the framework’s provisions on individual control, transparency and focused collection. Could what happens to other sectors in the U.S. impact the financial services sector? In this interactive session, the audience and panel will discuss practical examples and explore possible solutions.

L. Richard Fischer, Lynn A. Goldstein, CIPP/US,
Russell Schrader and Melanie Shillito, CIPP/E