IAPP Privacy Vendor List

From legal advisors to insurance companies to IT services and software, businesses must work with a large collection of vendors from a variety of disciplines to reach their privacy goals. The ever-growing IAPP Privacy Vendor List offers information on organizations that can help you protect data, meet regulatory requirements, respond to breaches, set policies and more. This is meant to be a comprehensive list of vendors, produced by our publications team as a service for our members. Companies do not need to be IAPP members or pay a fee for this listing.

In the last year, the privacy technology market has gone from an emerging space to a full-blown, dynamic ecosystem. With new and robust compliance requirements set forth by the EU General Data Protection Regulation now in effect, the privacy technology menu is growing by the day. This latest version of the 2018 report contains 192 vendors, more than doubling the amount of vendors in just one year. Not to be outdone, existing vendors have also built out new privacy technology services in the last year, making for a rich marketplace.


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