Diversity and Inclusion: An AI Formula for HR Success

Original broadcast date: May 4, 2021

Ethnical monitoring and analysis are being used more and more to approve diversity and equality in various settings. At the same time, big data, data monitoring and profiling are being scrutinized for potential discriminatory practices. Where and how can we strike the right balance?

In this session, we dive into diversity and inclusion to evaluate tensions and challenges in employment. We discuss diversity as a key driver of innovation and critical component of global success, and how a diverse and inclusive workforce is crucial if you want to attract and retain top talent.

Learn about solutions you can employ to achieve this goal (such as applicat
ions based on AI) and how to be GDPR compliant with these new technologies. We will particularly focus on privacy regulations in Article 9 concerning data processing activities and involving legal access and transparency of diversity data such as religion, gender, sexual orientation or ethnic background.

  • Déborah Diallo, Lawyer, Founder, Law Firm DIALLO
  • Maya Dougoud, Legal Counsel, Switch; Lecturer, HES-SO
  • Fay Parris, Esq, Lawyer, International Law Consultant Initiative: Global Justice Advocates
  • Monika Pfaffinger, Professor, Kalaidos Law school, Board of Governors, Univ. Liechtenstein, Founder, "MP - only Connect"

What you will learn:

  • How to protect privacy and achieve compliance while implementing global diversity and inclusion initiatives.
  • The power of AI in diversity and inclusion projects.

Credits: 1

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