Protecting privacy as AI evolves

(Feb 11, 2020) In a piece for The Brookings Institution, Distinguished Visiting Fellow Cameron Kerry explores the intersection between artificial intelligence and privacy. He examines potential concerns policy will need to address, including discrimination, ethics and human control. “As (AI) evolves, it magnifies the ability to use personal information in ways that can intrude on privacy interests by raising analysis of personal information to new levels of power and speed,” he writes.Full Story... Read More

Research: Insider breaches cost $11.45M annually

(Feb 7, 2020) A Proofpoint cybersecurity study has revealed organizations across the globe spend $11.45 million per year on average in remediation costs related to insider data breaches. The study, commissioned by the Ponemon Institute and co-sponsored by IBM, included responses from nearly 1,000 IT and security practitioners from North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific region. The remediation costs are up 31% percent from 2018, and more than 60% of respondents said incidents were the ... Read More

Navigating the IAPP's 'CCPA Rights and Obligations Tool'

(Feb 6, 2020) The Westin Research Center released a tool to help IAPP members understand the California Consumer Privacy Act. The “CCPA Rights and Obligations Tool” organizes the act’s consumer rights and business obligations around the different phases of interaction with a consumer described in the act and is intended to help privacy professionals navigate the network of consumer rights, business obligations that flow from those rights, and independent obligations placed on a business that comprise the CCPA... Read More

Research: Anonymized data doesn't mean anonymous

(Feb 4, 2020) Research by Harvard University students shows anonymized data is not as anonymous as believed, Vice reports. A tool built by Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences students Dasha Metropolitansky and Kian Attari analyzes personally identifiable information from breaches and, despite many datasets containing “anonymized” data, the students easily identified users. Anonymized data from one company can be linked to non-anonymized data from another, revealing personal deta... Read More

Study: User privacy in doubt despite CCPA protections

(Feb 3, 2020) Research from consumer data management technology company SRAX shows 51% of smart-device users are skeptical the California Consumer Privacy Act has increased their privacy and general protections against devices spying on them, MarTech Series reports. The study also found 56% of respondents support regulating and penalizing advertisers for the information they hold on users. "The goal of the CCPA was to (rein) in the power that companies like Facebook have over consumers," SRAX Chief Operating ... Read More

Polish DPA – The DPO Handbook

(Feb 1, 2020) This handbook from the Polish DPA has been prepared as part of materials aimed at training DPAs in a number of EU member states in the training of data protection officers, especially in the public sector, in their new duties under the General Data Protection Regulation. Click to View (PDF)... Read More

Global Data Review Insight Handbook 2020

(Feb 1, 2020) This handbook, published by Global Data Review, provides research and insight into the global framework of data legislation and how businesses navigate through the changing landscape. The IAPP has placed links below to the digital download page for the GDR Handbook 2020, as well as links to the regional sections of the handbook. Click to View Chapters of Handbook Introduction Brazil: Privacy China: Privacy European Union: Privacy Germany: Privacy Japan: Privacy Mexico: Privacy Singapor... Read More

CNIL, Inria award prize to researchers for pre-installed Android software paper

(Jan 30, 2020) France's data protection authority, the CNIL, and research institute Inria awarded the 2019 Privacy Protection prize to researchers for their paper analyzing pre-installed Android software. The prize was awarded at the Computers, Privacy and Data Protection conference in Brussels. The paper covered the privacy concerns about pre-installed software on Android devices and how organizations and app manufacturers create an ecosystem to bypass data protection safeguards. As part of the prize, the pap... Read More