Survey found Singaporeans willing to share data in exchange for services

(Apr 18, 2019) A survey from consultancy firm Accenture found that 60% of Singaporean consumers would be willing to share significant personal information in exchange for more affordable and personalized banking products, Singapore Business reports. Specifically, the survey reported 87% of consumers would share details involving their income, location and lifestyle habit data for rapid loan approval. "Increasingly, consumers also want to share more of their personal data to make their lives easier and more int... Read More

CNIL releases report on UX/UI design and data protection

(Apr 18, 2019) The CNIL’s digital innovation laboratory, the LINC, released a report titled “Shaping Choices in the Digital World.” The report looks at the use of dark patterns, offers policy recommendations, and proposes avenues for professionals to collaborate on privacy-friendly design practices. “It addresses the entire digital ecosystem by giving some operational recommendations to strengthen the control and choice to which users are entitled,” former CNIL President Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin writes in the... Read More

Trust audit finds US government websites to be best performing

(Apr 17, 2019) The Online Trust Alliance, an Internet Society initiative, released its 2018 Online Trust Audit and Honor Roll. This year’s report analyzes nearly 1,200 organizations, making it the largest undertaken by the OTA, and primarily includes consumer-facing websites. Examining consumer protection, site security, and responsible privacy practices, the report found the federal websites to be the best performing industry, with 91% of audited sites making the Honor Roll, while the health care industry pro... Read More

Gov. Cuomo seeks New York's thoughts on data privacy

(Apr 17, 2019) The New York Daily News reports Gov. Andrew Cuomo, D-N.Y., is sending out a data privacy survey to New Yorkers. The survey includes inquiries on respondents' smart devices, operating systems, and whether respondents know how to access and alter account privacy settings. The survey also asks people to describe the personal information they believe is being collected, stored or sold by social media outlets. Results will be used to inform state policies and could lead to new laws and regulations, a... Read More

Study: 'Accelerating privacy regulations' top emerging risk for execs

(Apr 15, 2019) Within Gartner’s “Q1 2019 Emerging Risk Monitor survey,” 64% of senior executives cited “accelerating privacy regulation” as the top emerging risk their organizations’ face, Global Banking & Finance Review reports. Gartner polled 98 executives across various industries and locations and found privacy rule concerns were most prevalent among professionals in the banking, financial services, and technology and telecommunications industries. Gartner Managing Vice President and Risk Practice Lead... Read More

Study finds 'sobering' cyber practices in health care field

(Apr 12, 2019) A study from CynergisTek examining how health care organizations compare against the advice and best practices of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, as well as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, called the findings “sobering,” Healthcare IT News reports. In the report, CynergisTek CEO Mac McMillan said that based on assessments, audits and reviews of nearly 600 health care organizations and business associates, most were found to be performing "well below where we would like... Read More

IBM study shows cybersecurity gaps, privacy focus

(Apr 12, 2019) IBM reports a number of privacy-related takeaways from "The 2019 Study on the Cyber Resilient Organization," the company's global survey of 3,600 security and IT professionals conducted by the Ponemon Institute. IBM's biggest observation from the survey was 77% of organizations do not have a companywide cybersecurity response plan, while 54% does not regularly test the plans that are in place. The survey went on to show 78% prioritizes a company's ability to keep data private, and only 20% trust... Read More

New IoT monitors smart device connections

(Apr 12, 2019) Princeton University is offering a new internet-of-things monitor that divulges what connections a user's mobile device is making, Gizmodo reports. In addition to identifying what and who the devices are connecting with, the Princeton IoT Inspector reveals how active devices are, but it will not analyze other people's devices or computers connected to the same network. The tool will gather data about your devices in a Princeton database and use it for an academic report, but that data will then ... Read More

ICO announces funding for new projects under Grants Programme

(Apr 11, 2019) According to the U.K. Information Commissioner's Office, four new projects will receive funding as part of the ICO Grants Programme. The ventures receiving ICO backing include data privacy rights for the homeless, issues regarding genomic information in health care, smart-home data protection research, and the use of public sector data by researchers. The ICO Grants Programme, which was created in 2017, works to support various product and solution research that benefits the public regarding new... Read More

Help us benchmark privacy tech adoption

(Apr 11, 2019) As privacy tech continues to proliferate and embed itself in day-to-day privacy functions in the enterprise, the IAPP, together with TrustArc, seeks feedback to better understand how privacy pros are adopting the privacy tech tools outlined in our Privacy Tech Vendor Report. This year’s survey builds on a similar one we did last year looking at how privacy tools are acquired and deployed. Now, with obligations that both the EU General Data Protection Regulation and California Consumer Privacy Ac... Read More