IAPP releases updated 'Privacy Tech Vendor Report'

(Oct 22, 2019) The IAPP has released the latest version of its “2019 Privacy Tech Vendor Report.” Since the report’s last iteration earlier this year, 48 new vendors have entered the marketplace. The IAPP Tech Vendor Report now has more than 250 vendors listed in its pages. The report also covers the recent major investments made in the privacy tech space over the past 12 months as venture capitalists and angel funders turn their eyes toward the market and the demand for privacy tech services continues to incr... Read More

'Privacy in US Law Schools Update: An IAPP Westin Center Report'

(Oct 22, 2019) In September 2019, the IAPP released the first-of-its-kind “Privacy in US Law Schools” report reflecting an analysis of privacy education at U.S. law schools accredited by the American Bar Association. Our initial tiering of schools relied on publicly available materials on law school websites. Understanding that not all schools have updated information on their websites, we recently invited schools to complete a survey and provide us with more accurate information. More than two dozen instituti... Read More

IAPP white paper: 'Talking Tech for Privacy Pros: Coming Down from the Cloud'

(Oct 22, 2019) For privacy professionals, considerations around databases center on design decisions, system architecture and the way they are used and maintained rather than on the individual variables and the other minutia involved in their creation. In this third part in a series of white papers, former IAPP Westin Research Fellow Nicholas Schmidt, CIPP/US, offers an explanation of cloud computing and introduction into systems architecture.Full Story... Read More

Irish DPC releases GDPR data breach notification guidance

(Oct 22, 2019) The Irish Data Protection Commission has released guidance on data breach notification requirements under the EU General Data Protection Regulation. The guide offers an overview of the breach notification rules found within the GDPR, as well as explanations and case studies on assessing risk, inadequate reporting, late or no notifications, social engineering and data accuracy. The DPC constructed the guide by analyzing statistics and trends it saw since the GDPR went into effect May 2018. “The g... Read More

South Africa's privacy law still a work in progress

(Oct 21, 2019) A study conducted by Comparitech names South Africa as one of the best countries in terms of protecting citizens’ privacy; however, professionals believe there is room for improvement, Daily Maverick reports. The major issue is that the country’s data privacy law, the Protection of Personal Information Act, has yet to go into effect. “The [POPIA] is not yet in force and South Africa’s privacy watchdog, the information regulator, doesn’t have legal powers yet and is operating on a skeleton staff,... Read More

Study: Data transparency key for consumers

(Oct 18, 2019) A study by consulting firm Accenture Interactive finds consumers want to know more about how brands are using personal data, noting businesses should be more mindful of consumer privacy in developing marketing strategies, Marketing Dive reports. The study found 73% of 8,000 consumers surveyed said they are more willing to share personal data despite privacy concerns when brands are transparent, and 69% said they won’t do business with a brand if its data usage is invasive. “Accenture Interactive... Read More

Ransomware attacks on the rise

(Oct 18, 2019) Ransomware attacks targeting Canadian organizations are on the rise, CBC News reports. Experts say the health care field, in particular, as well as some municipalities, has been targeted due to the sensitivity of records kept. A recent survey of Canadian organizations found 88% experienced a data breach over the past year, while 82% reported an “increase in overall attack volume.” Ransomware accounted for 14% of breaches in that survey. It’s unclear why Canadian firms are increasingly being targ... Read More

Study shows India overwhelmed, overworked by cybersecurity incidents

(Oct 17, 2019) Quartz India reports a recent study has revealed organizations in India are struggling to keep up with properly responding to growing cybersecurity issues. In Cisco's 2019 Asia Pacific CISO Benchmark Study, 34% of Indian respondents claimed to have "cybersecurity fatigue." The exhaustion stems from the growing number of cybersecurity incidents and demands while adopting new technology is another factor. According to the study, Indian respondents said the most pressing issues with adopting techno... Read More

Research reveals disconnect between Australian CISOs, CEOs on cybersecurity matters

(Oct 17, 2019) ZDNet reports new research from Unisys shows that Australian chief information security officers and chief executive officers differ in opinion and awareness when it comes to cybersecurity. In a survey, 63% of CISOs acknowledged their organization dealt with a data breach in the last year, while only 6% of CEOs concurred. "What the study found is pretty much a disconnect and lack of communication between the two very important roles of [CISO] and [CEO]," Unisys Australia and New Zealand Industry... Read More

Study: Ireland tops list for protecting privacy of citizens

(Oct 17, 2019) A Comparitech survey shows Ireland tops the list of 47 countries in protecting the privacy of its citizens, the Bangkok Post reports. The study assessed privacy protection and the state of surveillance in the countries surveyed, examining several categories, including the use of biometrics and data sharing and retention laws. Ireland scored 3.2 out of 5, topping the list due to its Data Protection Commission’s active role and general resistance toward the introduction of biometrics on ID cards. ... Read More