Study finds small businesses struggling with cyberattacks

(Jun 19, 2018) A study conducted by insurer Hiscox found while small businesses suffered cyberattacks, many of them did not take action to prevent further incidents, USA Today reports. The study found 47 percent of small businesses suffered one cyberattack in 2017, while 44 percent said they experienced between two and four incidents. Despite the amount of cyberattacks, approximately half of small businesses said they had a cybersecurity strategy, with two-thirds admitting they did not enhance security followi... Read More

NIST to host IoT cybersecurity and privacy risks workshop

(Jun 19, 2018) The National Institute of Standards and Technology will host a workshop July 11 to explore considerations for managing cybersecurity and privacy risks associated with internet-of-things systems. The workshop will help to provide insights for NIST’s Cybersecurity for IoT and Privacy Engineering programs as they work to publish guidance for federal agencies. In particular, NIST is interested in “hearing practitioners’ insights on managing cybersecurity and privacy risks to their IoT systems, using... Read More

Help benchmark industry practices

(Jun 18, 2018) Yes, it's that time of year again: This month, the IAPP and EY launch the 4th Annual Privacy Governance Survey, which produces annually the most authoritative benchmarking data anywhere for the privacy industry. With your help, we have created a vast storehouse of information on budgeting, staffing, priorities, practices, reporting structure and responses to the EU General Data Protection Regulation over the past three years (see last year's report here), all freely available. And we need your h... Read More

Consumers are ignoring GDPR emails

(Jun 18, 2018) Companies relying on email newsletters are struggling to get customers to open messages explaining their privacy policy updates following the implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Digital marketing agency Huge found 38 percent of U.S. citizens are ignoring those emails, which also may ask for permission to continue sending marketing materials, while 23 percent is using the emails to unsubscribe from their services. Email marketing firm PostUp estimates only 25 to 30 percen... Read More

FTC offers advice on IoT safety

(Jun 18, 2018) The U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection filed a comment to the Consumer Product Safety Commission on the risks associated with internet-of-things devices. The BCP response states poor IoT security could result in the loss of critical safety function in devices such as a carbon monoxide detector or a car’s braking system, as well as affect the quality of other data. Other recommendations to the CPSC include giving consumers more opportunities to learn about safety notifi... Read More

FPF opens tech policy institute in Israel

(Jun 15, 2018) When deciding to choose where to open its first regional office, the Future of Privacy Forum considered New York and Silicon Valley but decided to set up shop in a country that has quickly become a hot spot for privacy-related activity. The FPF recently launched the Israel Tech Policy Institute, a place where privacy professionals, lawyers and academics will work together to solve pressing privacy issues. IAPP Associate Editor Ryan Chiavetta, CIPP/US, spoke with FPF CEO Jules Polonetsky, CIPP/US... Read More

FPF launches Israel Tech Policy Institute

(Jun 15, 2018) When the Future of Privacy Forum decided to open up its first regional office, there was debate as to where would be the best location. They could have chosen New York, or perhaps Silicon Valley, areas that may initially pop into your mind when thinking about technology. FPF CEO Jules Polonetsky, CIPP/US, and leadership at the organization, however, decided to set up shop in a country that has quickly become a premier destination for privacy-related activity. Co-founded with IAPP Vice President... Read More

Study examines data collection, protection efforts of Canadian businesses

(Jun 15, 2018) A survey commissioned by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada polled Canadian businesses about their data collection practices, Global News reports. Of the 1,014 predominantly small- to medium-sized businesses polled, 94 percent said they collect basic contact information, while 25 percent collect financial information and 21 percent gather identity documents. When asked about protecting the data, 94 percent of respondents said they use at least one security method such as a password... Read More

OPC funding research on Wi-Fi hot spot privacy risks

(Jun 15, 2018) The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada announced it is funding research on various topics, including privacy risks associated with Wi-Fi hot spots, MobileSyrup reports. The research project will examine privacy policies, the information leaked at Wi-Fi hot spots, and identify the ways malicious users attack vulnerabilities. The study will conclude with a public hot spot report card, as well as recommendations to address any issues. Other funded projects include a study on the privacy r... Read More

FPF looks at notable privacy research from the year so far

(Jun 13, 2018) The Future of Privacy Forum highlights notable privacy research from the first half of 2018 on topics such as the internet of things and smart homes, advertising technology, and mobile data. Notable works include a study conducted by Princeton University researchers who conducted interviews with smart-home owners to examine “privacy awareness, concerns, and behaviors,” a paper from Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on “device fingerprinting” in the mob... Read More