FPF accepting nominations for inaugural Award for Research Data Stewardship

(Jan 16, 2020) The Future of Privacy Forum announced it is accepting nominations for its first Award for Research Data Stewardship. The award recognizes privacy research collaborations between organizations and academic researchers. “Increasingly, the challenges facing our society — health, transportation, education — are being addressed by independent research on consumer data collected by private companies,” said FPF CEO Jules Polonetsky, CIPP/US. “This award recognizes projects that minimize potential priva... Read More

IAPP Resource: 'US 50-State Statutory and Legislative Charts'

(Jan 13, 2020) The IAPP has published a new page in its Resource Center to track U.S. state legislation and laws across the privacy and security space. The page contains links to the National Conference of State Legislatures' website. The links include a rundown of state privacy legislation, such as the California Consumer Privacy Act, Vermont's data broker rules and Nevada's consumer opt-out law. Other links include information on social media privacy laws, privacy protections in state constitutions, privacy ... Read More

Study: Most cookie-management platforms do not adhere to GDPR

(Jan 13, 2020) A study conducted by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University College London and Aarhus University found the majority of cookie-consent tools do not adhere to the EU General Data Protection Regulation, TechCrunch reports. The study, titled "Dark Patterns after the GDPR," gathered its data by scraping the top 10,000 websites in the U.K. to learn how the most popular CMPs on the market operate. The researchers found only 11.8% of CMPs "meet the minimal requirements that... Read More

Interactive 'GDPR Genius' tool available in IAPP Resource Center

(Jan 3, 2020) Organizations are still grappling with the EU General Data Protection Regulation and all its corresponding guidance and documentation. Keeping track of it all is no small task. That's why the IAPP has compiled the "GDPR Genius," an interactive tool that provides IAPP members with access to critical GDPR-related resources, including relevant recitals, European Data Protection Board guidance, member state guidance and derogations, relevant court cases, regulatory enforcement, and other resources a... Read More

NIST study shows inaccuracy, bias in facial-recognition scans

(Dec 20, 2019) The National Institute of Standards and Technology announced the release of its "Face Recognition Vendor Test Part 3: Demographic Effects," which revealed many facial-recognition systems produce inaccurate scans due to racial bias. In its review of 189 recognition algorithms from 99 developers, NIST found that false-positive scans on African American and Asian subjects were anywhere between 10 to 100 times more likely with various systems. “While it is usually incorrect to make statements across... Read More

OPC finds political parties' privacy notices are lacking

(Dec 19, 2019) The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada found all the country's federal political parties' privacy notices need improvement, The Canadian Press reports. The OPC conducted the probe in August, and The Canadian Press was able to obtain a copy of the report via an Access to Information Request. The agency determined the political parties do not properly address consent for data collection and use, nor do they include policies on data retention and security safeguards. The OPC offered 10 pr... Read More

Study looks at state of privacy of Indian apps, websites

(Dec 19, 2019) A study conducted by ARRKA looks at websites and apps in India and the personal data they are able to access. The study also examines whether the apps and websites are collecting more data than necessary and the countries they are sharing information with outside of India. Additional topics include a focus on apps targeted toward children and how Indian apps compare to others around the globe. The report concludes that while data privacy is still in its infancy in India, "there is a clear trend ... Read More

A glance at the IAPP's top resources of 2019

(Dec 18, 2019) "As we wrap up 2019 here at the IAPP and look toward 2020, we are reminded, yet again, of the incredible pace at which the privacy profession is advancing. New laws and legislation abound. More are expected in the year to come," writes IAPP Research Director Caitlin Fennessy, CIPP/US. In this piece for The Privacy Advisor, Fennessy looks back at the resources privacy professionals accessed the most in 2019. This includes the "Privacy Tech Vendor Report," several tools to help privacy pros with t... Read More

Survey: Privacy is top concern for consumers  

(Dec 17, 2019) A survey by Wunderman Thompson Data found 58% of U.S. respondents are concerned about the privacy and security of their personal information, MediaPost reports. It’s the second-most worrisome issue for consumers, the survey found, behind health care. Of the 1,500 respondents, 85% agreed “it’s difficult to know just what to do to protect your personal information and data these days,” 82% said they should do more to protect their personal data, and 64% said they worry about the security and priva... Read More

NIST publishes biometric data to measure identification accuracy

(Dec 13, 2019) The National Institute of Standards and Technology has announced the release of new research data that will aid assessments of biometric identification accuracy. The data, which includes facial photographs, along with fingerprint and iris scans, has been cleared of personally identifiable information. "This all gets back to reproducible research," NIST Computer Scientist Greg Fiumara said. "The data will help anyone who is interested in testing the error rates of biometric identification systems... Read More