Changes to Federal Common Rule delayed

(Jan 22, 2018) Updates to the Federal Common Rule were slated to go into effect last Friday, but were put on hold for the next six months. According to a press release from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the agency and 15 other federal departments announced an Interim Final Rule that delays the effective date of revisions to the "Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects" until July 19. The press release did not explain why the changes were delayed. In comments provided to the Dail... Read More

DHS contract awarded to improve key database's search function

(Jan 22, 2018) The Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate awarded Inferlink a $750,000 contract to advance the search function of a key database, allowing cybersecurity researchers to carry out their work more efficiently, NextGov reports. The Information Marketplace for Policy and Analysis of Cyber-risk & Trust database links researchers from the private sector and academia with those from the government to foster a collaborative process where cybersecurity researchers are able... Read More

Survey shows support for mandatory breach reporting

(Jan 18, 2018) A new survey out of Palo Alto Networks shows that 79 percent of IT decision-makers agree that reporting breaches to regulators should be mandatory, with an additional 69 percent who believe reporting incidents will help curtail cybercrime, iTWire reports. Palo Alto APAC Vice President and Chief Security Officer Sean Duca said, “To stay ahead of cyber criminals, it’s important that businesses see the value in voluntarily sharing cyberthreat information with other businesses and with government. T... Read More

Survey: US, European consumers less likely to share data

(Jan 18, 2018) A survey conducted by SAP Hybris finds consumers in the U.S. and Europe are less likely to share information compared to the rest of the world, MediaPost reports. Of the 20,000 people polled, 52 percent of U.S. consumers would share their email address, below the numbers from India, Korea, and Russia, while France and Germany polled similar to the U.S. number, with 53 percent and 55 percent respectively. When asked about where they would share their information, 71 percent of U.S. consumers said... Read More

Research finds more password security is needed

(Jan 18, 2018) Google Security Engineer Grzegorz Milka recently spoke about research carried out in partnership with the University of California, Berkeley, concerning the process in which accounts become compromised, Gizmodo reports. The research, conducted between March 2016 and March 2017, found 67 million valid Google account credentials on black markets. While Google takes steps to ensure user safety, including two-factor authentication, the company estimates less than 10 percent of it’s users have this e... Read More

Study pits human against machine in jail sentencing

(Jan 18, 2018) Julia Dressel, a student from Dartmouth College, set out to discover whether humans or algorithms were better at assessing risk when determining risk scores for jail sentencing and bail hearings, Science reports. In what is being called the first “horse race” between humans and algorithms, the findings showed that, statistically speaking, humans and machines assessed risk the same. Dressel’s study also revealed, in this instance, both humans and machines were unable to overcome bias. The report ... Read More

Survey: Nurses, administrators confident organizations can handle breaches

(Jan 16, 2018) A survey of 500 registered nurses and health care administrative staff conducted by the University of Phoenix College of Health Professions found nearly 20 percent reported their organizations had suffered data breaches, Healthcare Informatics reports. However, confidence in their organizations' ability to handle an incident was high, with 48 percent of RNs and 57 percent of administrative staff feeling "very confident" in their hospital or health system's ability to handle a cyberattack. Meanwh... Read More

Analysis finds Equifax was top complaint in 49 states

(Jan 12, 2018) As part of an analysis of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Consumer Complaint Database, financial resources website LendEDU found that in every state, except North Dakota, Equifax was the most commonly complained about company involved in 2017's complaint total, The Hill reports. Of the 235,094 complaints filed with the Bureau, 30,576 were related to Equifax. The report also states that Acting Director Mick Mulvaney has suspended the collection of consumer data and halted much of the C... Read More

Survey: Americans favor social media to share life events

(Jan 12, 2018) ZDNet reports on the growing trend of sharing life’s milestones through social media rather than in person, as more Americans prefer the use of social platforms to broadcast updates. Social media management company Sprout Social surveyed more than 1,200 Americans to find out the ways in which people use social media to share and receive information. The survey found that 79 percent of people want to share their life events across social media platforms, with 54 percent saying they “want their ne... Read More

Alberta orgs reported record 162 breaches in 2017

(Jan 12, 2018) The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta said last year saw a record 162 breaches that posed a risk of significant harm to affected individuals, more than double any previous year, CBC reports. While human error is still to blame for some of the breaches, OIPC Compliance and Special Investigations Director Rachel Hayward, CIPP/C, CIPM, FIP, asked that both companies and individuals be more watchful. "Attacks are getting far more sophisticated and they require a different... Read More