Take the 2024 IAPP Governance Survey

(Apr 19, 2024) The IAPP is collecting responses to the 2024 IAPP Governance Survey. The annual survey aims to collect data on organizations' privacy governance and complian... Read More

NZ OPC publishes children's privacy survey results

(Apr 18, 2024) New Zealand's Office of the Privacy Commissioner published survey results from the Children and Young People's Privacy project that collected responses about... Read More

US State Privacy Legislation Tracker

(Apr 12, 2024) .page-head-lg::after { content: "This tracker only includes bills intended to be comprehensive approaches to governing the use of personal inform... Read More

US Institutions Privacy Stakeholder Map

(Apr 10, 2024) Read More

American Privacy Rights Act cheat sheet

(Apr 9, 2024) This cheat sheet highlights some of the key and need-to-know proposals in the draft APRA. ... Read More

Introduction to Resource Center

(Apr 8, 2024) h1.page-head-lg { text-align: center; } p.rc-section-header { font-size: 22px; margin-bottom: -0.7em; } a.alternate-link.rc-section-header-ur... Read More

RITE: el nuevo módulo de protección de datos personales en Argentina

(Apr 1, 2024) La colaboración entre instituciones gubernamentales desempeña un papel fundamental en la promoción de la transparencia, la integridad y el respeto a los dere... Read More

RITE: el nuevo módulo de protección de datos personales en Argentina

(Apr 1, 2024) La Oficina Anticorrupción de Argentina lanzó un nuevo módulo del Registro para impulsar el desarrollo sostenible mediante la protección de los datos pers... Read More

IAPP launches 2024 Governance Survey

(Apr 1, 2024) The privacy landscape is developing rapidly with new laws, maturing enforcement and shifting industry trends. Alongside this, the swift adoption and integrat... Read More

2024 IAPP Governance Survey launches

(Apr 1, 2024) The IAPP launched the 2024 IAPP Governance Survey to collect data on organizations' privacy governanc... Read More