Web Conference: The Road to Continuous Compliance: How Future-Proof is Your Privacy Program?

Original broadcast date: 27 January 2022

In this web conference you will hear from those "living" global corporate privacy every day and learn how they took on the challenge of creating a global privacy framework across 400 legal entities, over 170 countries and 45 million urls, used the opportunity to develop new services and governance frameworks that would accelerate and facilitate future industry and regulatory compliance efforts at scale and accelerated cross-corporation adoption of ever-changing, complex privacy regulations using a fraction of the time and effort that was required for the GDPR.

John Bowman, CIPP/E, CIPM, FIP, Senior Principal, Promontory Financial Group

Christina Montgomery, Vice President and CPO, IBM Corporation
Steven Eliuk, Vice President, AI & Governance, IBM Global Chief Data Office

At the conclusion of the presentation, Lee Cox, Vice President, Transformation & Operations, IBM Chief Privacy Office, and Neera Mathur, Chief Architect, Privacy Services, IBM Global Chief Data Office, join the panelists for the Question & Answer session.