Web Conference: Digital Ads Unboxed: When Data Sharing, Not Data Theft, is a Privacy Issue

Original broadcast date: 13 October 2021

When digital advertising began almost thirty years ago, there was a buyer, a seller, and a viewer. Since then, ad technology and participants have expanded to nearly 10,000 intermediaries of various forms.

No matter how careful companies are inside their own walls, once data is shared, companies often have insufficient knowledge and control over what marketing partners do with it. Yet they are still liable for misuse of data. The stakes are higher with enforcement of GDPR and CCPA--followed by CPRA and other state laws--catching companies off guard.

Individual data is shared across more partners than most people realize. Ad auctions are “won” by those with the most valuable information about a user. As in many rapidly growing and less-regulated industries, bad actors seek quick cash with unscrupulous practices and good actors may make mistakes. 

Jordyn Hardy, Virtual Programming Coordinator, IAPP 

Dan Frechtling, CEO of Boltive
Joseph Guzzetta, CIPP/US, CIPP/E and CIPM, Attorney at Grellas Shah LLP